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Monday, January 30, 2006



Mathematically, shouldn't at least one item on your list begin with "less"?


Wow, you might be the most extreme type A ever, Julie! ;)

I wouldn't survive your current life...

Hmm, can you transfer ownership of the Knitting Blogs list? It seems like such a big thing... I bet getting your patterns printed will help a lot, too.


I also lack balance...in a similar but different way from you. I need to impose some structure to my day. I fly by the seat of my pants and always have, but it has never worked for me. I get absorbed and involved with whatever I'm doing at the moment to the exclusion of all else. I think I'd have a lot more time and more to show for it if I could just better organize my day and discipline myself into following a plan.


Oh boy do I understand where you are coming from - although I've never put in 70 or 80 hours at my day job. But I do tend to overextend myself and then find myself up till 2 and 3 am for days in a row trying to get orders filled and yarn and roving dyed up. It takes too much of a toll on my body and sanity - so I've found that by scheduling my days and placing limits on certain activities have really helped me.


Maybe shutting down the ring for a while would be a good thing. Give yourself one less thing to worry about for a while. Although, perhaps, Chris' idea about finding a new administrator for the ring isn't such a bad thing, either. As long as you could find someone who could be a good caretaker.


AS long as you got MY pattern out it's all good. ;) KIDDING!

You need to have some fun girl! HOw about I'll e-mail you every day yelling at you to stop working so much?


Ah, balance...such a wonderful yet elusive (for me, anyway) thing. Good luck with your search for it. If there's anything I can do to help (specifically, I was thinking of anything with the Knitting Blogs ring), let me know.


It will be easier said than done, but it is a necessary and noble goal!

My mum dying at a youngish (60) age made me stop and realize that no one dies and says "I wish I had worked more".

I know that's a bit morbid, but living on the other side of the fence from being driven and doing too much, I have to say, the view is great from here! Good luck!


I'm with ya - I'm a horrible type A - feeling like I need to have 8 jobs and run all The Girl's activities and knit gifts for anyone who asks, and help anyone who asks, etc. ad nauseum.
But seriously, I've gotten a *bit* better (much of that is due to The Husband), and if you need help with the blog ring, let me know if I can do anything!
Perhaps you can find a printing place to do the same thing with the patterns - print them and attach a photo for you. Good luck with everything!


Unfortunately, I can completely relate to how your life is going.....mine is much the same, although I work at home, which can be a good thing/bad thing. I don't know why I take on more than I can chew and then frantically work, but I have always done it.

I am hoping to find more balance this year as well.....good luck!!!


Hang in there! It's easy to over commit to things. Family comes first, and of course knitting comes second. Does that make it any easier??


Your goals sound perfectly sane to me, but then I'm not--nor have ever been--as stressed as you sound! Just throw some of that success drive toward home activities, and you'll do fine--and the family, I'm sure, will love it! It's not wrong to spend time doing crafts, baking, and family stuff . . . It's part of the Mom job description, or something . . . anyway. Hang in there!


i've been a chronic under-achiever/slacker all my life so i don't really know about being driven. i teach ap lit in a large high school and all the kids in my class are like this...they do it all and they do it to the nth degree. i just want them to go sit on the steps of city hall and do nothing...i want them to watch simpsons reruns...i want them to take a nap! but they won't do that and neither will you i guess....maybe start small - keeping a regular "quitting time" is a good idea....maybe you should try it again.
good luck on the slacking off


I'm guessing as a mother, you probably already know this, but you can say "no". Hehe, sometimes it feels like weilding power. Oh the power of Yes isn't as intoxicating as the power of No.

Good for you for committing to other things. I wish you the best in keeping a balanced life.

Julia in KW

A couple of things come to mind...I am with your first commenter. As I was reading your post with the things you want to do more of, I kept thinking you can't do more of any of those things, without doing less of something. What are you able to let go of or let someone else do? It's the only way - and - you have to believe in your heart that it's ok!
The other thing I thought was that you don't have to respond to this comment unless you really, REALLY want to. You should know that it won't hurt my feelings if you don't reply.

My head would spin if I was doing all the things you do and have on the go... It's lovely, but if you want to keep doing them, you have to find some balance.


Not one person spends the final minutes of their life saying, "I wish I had spent more time working."
It's time for you to ask for help. I love your blog for the knitting content and lately you haven't had time to knit. Take a few moments to delegate and get on with the important parts of your life....Pete and Maddie.


When I first started using a Franklin Covey organizer, one of the things it stressed is to actually schedule time for yourself. If anyone asks you to do something, you look at your book and tell them you already have an appointment...with yourself but you don't say that. I don't know if that would work for you but it makes sense.


I've heard really good things about the franklin covey system from my sister, who lives and breathes by it. I went just now and looked at their site, http://www.franklincovey.com/foryou/
and the first lines say "You want balance in your life. You want to focus on the most important people and things in your life. You want it now!" seriously, maybe you should check it out. I think I am going to see what they have, I have been looking for organization and help with time management. Thanks for the boot to the butt!


Maybe shut down the ring again for another month? You opened it in January, so what about one month open, one month closed. Theoretically, it gives those newbies out there a chance to get one month of blogging under their belt. Or what about tightening up the rules a bit? Maybe three months minimum of blogging so there are fewer drop-outs. Just a thought. :)


Well glad to know I'm not the only crazy person around;) I am trying to relax more, but here I go joining lots of knitting groups so I'll force myself to knit more. Why do we do these things to ourselves? I can only shake my head.


How about switching your patterns to an insta PDF download? That would make life much easier, I'd think. Glampyre's seem to work well that way, and I've never had an issue with the quality of the photo printing out.


Have you thought about co-opting some in to help you with the knitting ring?


Only you can find and decide what will work best for you and your family, and I wish you well. Other commenters noted "more" of many things, and I think you're saying you know you need need less of other things to achieve and feel balance in your life. If you read your last few posts as a whole, didn't you just post about the lack of gratitude from the ring? It seemed like maybe you aren't getting fulfillment from it, so maybe that's a good place for "less". I also turn to books, and am currently reading books by Christiane Northrup, M.D. You may find some guidance with her books, as she discusses health & emotions. Best of luck with less!


I admit complete ignorance to your pattern format, but couldn't you take them to Kinkos? They copy photos too. They will cut & paste or whatever you need. I use them for my double-sided handtags, and they cut them out for me with a really even border. Raise your prices $1 or so to cover it. PDF format also sounds good. Orders for bags--is this to make them or mail them? You could hire a teenager to help box & mail. (I exchange goods for services if they are OK with it--just ask). Think of what you can delegate or hire someone to do. And then be brave enough to let it go.


Damn, that made me tired just reading it! I don't know how you've done it as long as you have.


Good luck with the scaling back plans. Knowing it's too much is a good start (I swear some people don't even get that far). But also think of what you can stop doing entirely to free up more time for yourself.

And remember NO, I don't have time for that, should be your mantra.


Sadly, I can totally relate. Before I got SICK I was working 80 hours a week, working out, doing all the Martha things (I too have been called Martha). Even now that I have been diagnosed with CFS, Fibromyalgia and Lead Poisoning I find I push myself too far and feel I need to be there for others all the time. We also homeschool, which we love. I am working really hard at doing what I can for me and my family, within reason, and to ignore the callings of all those outside voices (which includes blogs and emails). I am failing miserably today (even though I am supposed to be resting because I am in pain all over, swollen and inflamed) so I am probably not the best person to be giving advice so I will only commiserate and hope that you find your way. Figure out what is most important to you and then stick with it. Good luck!!!


I wish I had no idea what you are talking about. Unfortunately I do, and I don't even have kids yet!

Getting someone else to print your patterns for you will probably be a HUGE load off. Good luck!


Go for balance.

I always get a big smile when I go to the LYS and see your patterns.


We've talked about this before - you are right, finding balance can be so hard! I hope it works out for you, but if you're like me (and it sounds like you are), it will - unfortunately - be an ongoing struggle. *sigh*

If you need ring check helpers, let me know. I'm happy to help where I can!

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