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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Kate C

Hey, thanks for running the ring. It's great to have an instant resource available to put me in touch with other knitters. I also enjoy reading your blog!


Enjoy the ring? Heck, I've been working on posting more and grooming my blog so I can apply and hopefully be accepted! :) I really do appreciate all the effort that you put into running it. I surf it on a mediumly frequent schedule looking for interesting bloggers I haven't seen before. Thank You!


Your comments about automation remind me of one thing I noticed about my job. I'm a software developer, and people never notice the program if it's working well. As soon as there's a glitch, though, you sure hear about it. I'm sure the same is true for the web-ring. I've found that it runs really smoothly - when you hit the random button, you hardly ever get a "not found" error. It must be because you and your ring checkers do such a good job with it. :)


Thank you so much for maintaining the ring. I appreciate your sharing your frustration openly. Your post was a reminder not to take the ring for granted.





I agree - your job sucks, but I, for one, appreciate the fact that you do it. AND I visit your blog daily, and will no longer lurk.....Thanks again!


Hee hee - I love Scout's card!! Ditto, Julie. :)


I know *I* appreciate all you do, and I know I'm not alone, either. It's just a bad habit we all get into . . . not saying thank you for the things that go well, just griping about the ones that don't. Silence is golden for a reason. In other words, it doesn't mean we don't love you, it just means we're not mad at you! (grin)


I know you have ring checkers in place but if you ever need/want any help with any other aspect (or want to add another checker) you know where to find me =) I'm always willing to help a fellow knitter out and if it's techy to boot, even better =) Besides, if it werent for you I probably wouldnt have my major felted bag addicition, so helping you out would be a priviledge!


Count me in as one who appreciates all you do to keep the ring going, but probably doesn't express it as often as I should. As a ring checker, I get to check in on blogs that I might not otherwise see. Plus my blog has gotten much more traffic since joining the ring. Thank you!


Maintaining the web ring is very valuable service to the knitting community.

Nearly a couple of years ago when I started knitting and blogging, I used the web ring to learn about what others were doing in Blogland.

I remember blogging through my first month so it I could have it behind me to apply to the ring even though I didn't feel "worthy" enough to be in it (silly, I know).

I was very proud to place the button on my blog, and I know it brought lots of traffic to my site. It helped me connect with others, and I have learned and done so much.

Thanks for doing a great job! Sometimes we forget about the person behind the curtain.


I'm one of the bad 'uns... although I never thought you were a machine! I joined the ring, put the code on my page and then didn't really think about it again even though I surf the ring quite regularly.

I know what it feels like to be under-appreciated for work you do too. I'm sure some people at my work think I just sit at my desk all day waiting for them (and only them!) to come and give me something to do!

So apologies and thanks are both in order! I do appreciate the ring and the time and effort you put into it.



I was just added to the ring.. and wanted to say thanks!!!.. I thought these rings where automated. I'm glad to know so I can go to all my rings and give my heartfelt thanks for all the time and effort I appreciate it!


Hi Julie!

I love this ring and surf it whenever I have a little extra time and love seeing new to me blogs I would probably never know of. Thanks from me too for all your hard work!


Hi Julie,

Have you seen this?




I started knitting about a year ago. So much of what I know I learned by checking out blogs on the ring. I've been so impressed by the camraderie of the knit bloggers! I just started my own blog a couple of weeks ago, and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to apply to the ring. So even though I'm not on the ring, I really appreciate that you created and maintain it.

Gina Halladay

I am a Denyse Schmidt fan and I thought you may be interested in a sneak peak of her new fabric line "Flea Market Fancy" on my web site www.QuiltersBuzz.com
Happy crafting. Gina


I appreciate all the work you do on the ring! I find that the value is bringing Knitters together.


Hi again, Julie!
Just reiterating again, that even though I'm no longer in the ring, I follow IT, your blog, and Pete's DAILY... and
Expect occassional crabbiness
... is TOTALLY understandable!
BTW, already subscribed via bloglines to your new domain, congrats!

PS... will ya'll be putting out the challenge for St. Baldy's Day again?

carolyn h in ct

omg! It's so terrible that we have to be reminded to appreciate things! I am so sorry that you have not been appreciated! I can't even say how much I actually depend on the ring. And I don't even have a blog....yet! as soon as I come up with a unique name....so....many, many thanks for your time, effort and dedication. YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL, MUCH-NEEDED SERVICE!!! Carolyn


I do appreciate your work. The knitblogs are my lifeline. I think you should get crabby from time to time. I'm glad you're willing to take this on.

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