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Sunday, January 15, 2006



Weaving is definitely something I'd love to learn one of these days. I keep looking at rigid heddle looms . .. they're not ridiculously expensive, right?? (grin) Good luck! And that itty little ball of handspun is gorgeous.


I can find Socks that Rock here in town but I can't find any of the roving...go figure.

I kool Aid dye a lot and I add a splash of vinger and it seem to take more dye. I use really hot water and cover it over night and it will exhaust.


Pretty handspun! Looks like it would make some nice soft socks.


I would be so afraid to walk into Blue Moon. Actually, I'm trying to convince my store to get Socks that Rock in. DANGEROUS!


I read your previous kool-aid post as well...maybe you're not heating long enough to set the dye? I tried kool-aid dyeing for the first time this weekend and I'm not having any trouble with running or bleeding colour. I baked mine in the oven at 200 for close to an hour.


I never have any luck with Kool Aid dyeing. I do much better with Wilton's.


I love the Deborah Chandler book!! I refer to it every time I warp my loom - and I love the front to back method of warping she teaches. Have fun! Will you post pictues of your scarf in progress?

Bonne Marie

OOH! That *Flintstone* colorway is scrumptious! It is very exciting for me to see it spun up already and looking so good - thanks for having ants in your pants!

I had to go get out my sheep book and look up the breeds again :)


Gorgeous wensleydale! Good choice on wheels too. I have a Lendrum Saxony, but in the maple. While I don't spin on it near often enough, it is a wonderful wheel and I am always pleasantly reminded of how good it is when I do pull it out.


you can heat your dye & yarn in the microwave - this works very well for me. putb yarn in dyebath (microwave-safe dish, of course) into the microwave for 2 minutes on high. let rest 2 minutes, nuke 2 more minutes. if you haven't exhausted the dyebath yet, let rest 2 more minutes and nuke 2 more. When you're satisfied with the product, remove it from the microwave and let it cool before rinsing.

oh, before dyeing, i soak my yarn in a sinkful of warm water with a slug of vinegar. you don't necessarily need to do this, as kool-aid should be acidic enough to set on its own, but the vinegar doesn't hurt and seems to cut the fruit smell a bit.

good luck!


You didn't mention if you added vinegar. You need it as a mordent to set the dye - plus add heat. Microwave as mentioned above or put on stove... the water will be clear when you take it out.

Great store isn't it. I was going to head out for spinning on Saturday, but was feeling like a slug. I saw her trying to decide which wheel and added my 2-cents. (lol).


Simply gorgeous!

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