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Thursday, January 05, 2006



my socks stall at kitchnering, because i still have to really pay attention and have the instructions out when i do it. i have to do it someplace by myself, not being interrupted by anyone of anything.

two questions:
1-where can i find a 'pattern' for a picot edging? i'm starting to branch out in socks by knitting patterns and would love to try it out.
2-what yarn is that? it's great!


Love the Regia Jubilee socks! I have a pair that I wear all the time!

I realize your subject was probably rhetorical, but I'll answer anyway: mine usually stall on the leg when I work cuff-down... which is really sad, since I prefer short socks!

I like turning the heel and I don't mind picking up the stitches at all, and once I finish that, the foot is fast for me.

[like you, I enjoy kitchenering the toe!]

Though lately my socks are stalling at the CO point -- I've been doing the tubular cast on, which is my newfound sock cuff CO lover. The problem is that I need waste yarn and time to do a more complicated cast on, and sometimes I just do not feel up to doing it! so the socks stall before they're even started!


Have you maybe considered short-row heels? No gusset, no picking up stitches . . . so, maybe, no stalling?


Just Do It! (pick up stitches that is)


Picking up stitches for me as well. I dunno, I just feel icky about picking up 20+ stitches over a 2 inch area, evenly and neatly. I heart Kitchener-ing.


Either the heel or leg ribbing. I need to be completely free of any interruptions during short-row heels, and as for ribbing.. well, I'm always slow at that but the smaller the yarn, the worse it is. I try to stick with toe-up socks since the thrill over being 'nearly done' somewhat overrides the ribbing phobia.


A less expensive alternative to an Ott light is to use a GE Reveal bulb in an over the shoulder reading lamp. I have a $10 IKEA lamp set up with the semi-full-spectrum bulb and it does wonders for knitting sight.


That was why I found toe-up socks with short-row heels so appealing. I don't have vision issues with picking up stitches (*knock on wood*) but I find it takes more visual attention than short rows. That is, I couldn't pick up stitches in class...


I have been knitting my socks two at a time, from the toe up, with short row heels and toes. I have found that the one thing thatreally stalls my sock knitting is starting more socks. I can't seem to stick to just one pair!

I would say try short row heels, since they really require no looking up. But if they aren't you cup of tea... ya know to each knitter his own.


I have Exactly the same stalling point. There are times when a sock will sit for days (or more) before I pick up stitches.

Glad to see I'm not alone.


I'm okay about picking up stitches (they end up looking wonky, but I'm emotionally okay with it). I usually stall a little past the gusset. The tops have the excitement of a new project, the whole heel process is interesting, the gussets - though fraught with frogging - are fun and then...blah. Knitting towards the Kitchener stitch. Yuck. I love the way it looks when done correctly...I just can't seem to do it correctly. At least, not consistently. I lose track of the knit-wise and purl-wise and end up with holes.


I have been despairing over the exact same problem. I think it's the anticipation, not the actual picking up (of the stitches) that's the worst. Of course there is trying to find a time when the kids aren't bugging me and I am not too exhausted. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.


Ahh I have to say my socks do not stall.. I have finished ever pair I have made without putting them down for an extended period of time.. yep all 3 pairs.
Only one on needles!


I get stalled in exactly the same place. It's not just the picking up of the stiches though for me, it's also the gusset. I don't care for either of those two parts of the sock for some reason. Once past them both they fly though.


Um, as someone who always knits toe up and whose socks require 28 (14 each side) stitches be picked up, how many stitches are we talking about for a top down sock?

My socks usually stall when I don't have a lot of meetings at work. :)


where do i stall on my socks? the second sock! I love everything about sock number one, but i just stall and stall and stall on sock number two. maybe i just shouldn't knit socks....but i love 'em. just one at a time though...

Rosemary C

I stall at the same place because I start thinking about picking up that extra stitch in the corners so you don't have that dreaded "hole". I go crazy trying to get it just right. *a good tip I read in one of the recent sock books: knit into the back of the picked up stitches on the first round. Looks super!


I *hate* picking up the stitches too, that's why I love this new heel I tried, the forethought heel. It has also been called the in-place afterthought heel. I think you will really love this one! I saw it in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.


Heels are my stalling point too--both top down and toe up. I do my socks mostly on the go, and like to leave the hard stuff from when I'm at home (hard to do heels on the subway).

This might be one of those times where you schedule yourself to do the heel and reward yourself by working on another project or getting one of those lattes!


I also hate picking up stitches, so I do short-row heels on my socks. Personally, I like the fit better. The boyfriend, however, prefers flap heels, so I do endure picking up stitches for him.


Yet nother vote for short row heels! Also knit them two at a time on two circs and you'll avoid that whole 2nd sock syndrome thing that I always get bitten with. Now if I only had a single foot.. I'd be all set.

Vera H.

I have Second Sock Syndrome. I usually fly through the first sock, but get bored with the second one.

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