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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Bummer about the migraines - I get them, too. I don't know how I made it before imitrex shots. My knitting is definitely slowed by gaming - I am sooo close to level 76 in Diablo2... :)


Probably all the stress over reorganizing your office . . . (grin)

Glad you're feeling better!


I didn't get much knitting done this break either - I ended up playing a ton of World of Warcraft instead. Which pleases Kevin to no end, because now he can buy me things in the game, instead of spending actual money on me. :)


Ooooh...Animal Crossing. I have it for the Game Cube...so addicting. Of course, work eventually interfered with the gaming (stupid work!) and I had to let it slide. I think my entire town has been overtaken by weeds now, and everyone in town has forgotten who I am....


I'm getting a DS as soon as I get my scholarship money and that is one of the first games on my list. So I take it you recommend it?


Ewwwwwww...migraines. So sorry. I get them too. I have spurts of having them all the time, and then none at all for months. Now that the holidaze are over, hopefully your stress level will return to a somewhat lower level and those nasty headaches will go away!


Geez, I hope you feel better soon! This holiday season was NOT a good one for health. I used to get migraines, and acupuncture really helped. It's something to consider if you keep getting them. I'm actually seeing the acupuncturist today to address all my crud issues. Here's to a healthy and knit-productive 2006!

rachel m

i know all about those month long migraines. i'm hoping you are feeling much better.

i got animal crossing for chanukah- we should trade friend codes and visit each others towns!


ouch - holiday migraines, been there too (thankfully not this year) such a pain and waste of time. Glad you're feeling better.
I have tagged you with a new year knitting meme, if you feel like it.


*gush* I have the gamecube version of that and love it. Except you know, it needs hands and that takes away from the knitting.


Oh my Lord. Wild World got you too? Want to visit sometime?

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