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Thursday, February 02, 2006



It's lovely, even if it wasn't a joy to spin. The color is excellent.


Your handspun yarn is very pretty, I love the color. I hope the VM didn't ruin the experience for you.


I agree, looks great, the color is like fresh grass, I could wiggle my toes in it. I have some CVM aslo, but haven't messed with it. Makes me want to go pull it out.


MMnnnn...green mutants. It sure is pretty, though!


So... what makes it a mutant? Two heads? Or?


Now it looks like california avacado. I have to say I love the colour! How soft is it now after it's bath?


OK I can't stand it. What does the CVM stand for? Did you find out? The suspense is killing me. I do like the yarn though.

Lizzy B

Cindy, CVM stands for California Variegated Mutant, although in your sample it sounds like the VM had a different meaning! :) CVM is a mutated varieation of Romeldale and it is indeed rare. I have a whole CVM fleece, and each lock has 3 colors from lock to tip. Mine has black close to the skin, a milk chocolate color for the middle and a sort of creme brulee color at the tips. CVM is actually my favorite wool and I would love to send you a sample of my fleece to redeem it! Send me an e-mail Julie and I'll see if I can convert you to a CVM lover! :)


Even if it wasn't your fav. it looks great. I'm not a fan of under processed fiber myself I don't think I'll ever buy a full fleece and wash it I can't handle the stink. BFL is one of my fav. as well it spins wonderfully. Don't be afraid of alpaca it's so soft after it's spun you'll love it - just make sure you do a two ply or it'll fall apart!


Gorgeous color!


That yarn is beautiful! When you said "California Varigated Mutant" it reminded me of Teenage Mutant Turtles...and it's about the right shade of green! LOL


lovely color :-)


I have a pound and half of CVM that I bought because I heard it was so great and soft and lovely, and then when I got it I decided that it wasn't that great, I didn't think it was that soft but when mixed with some alpaca it is lovely *smile*


I just started spinning some CVM yesterday that I got in my spinning class. We were given washed fleece and had to prepare it ourselves. I drum carded mine and it released more chaff than I have ever seen in my life. There was literally a pile of it under the carder when I got done. I was really pleasantly surprised to spin it though. It was so soft and spun so easily (still left a lot of chaff in my lap). I haven't plied any of it yet since I just started working on it yesterday.


I think it looks great. The color is very nice, slightly variegated, and the yarn looks soft. Its too bad you didn't enjoy spinning it.

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