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Friday, February 17, 2006



That's a pretty surreal mom conversation... I still have my beat up old biker jacket from when I used to go to a lot of shows, but I think it's not close enough for her to borrow it... :)


The thought of your mom with a green mohawk and a safety pin through her ear and doc martens is just too funny. So much for the conservative woman working in finance ;-)


I wear my Docs on the soccer field personally. :-P


My Early childhood Education teacher was the sweetest woman I've ever known, great with little kids and very enthusiastic about working with them. She was also a biker chick who wore punk clothes and liked to go slam-dancing. Go figure.



i want to hug your mom after reading this. it sounds like something my mom would say, were my mom to dress up for anything.


Well, you know how Moms are . . . their little girls never actually grow up!


I think we ALL had our phases :o)


Thinking I was totally over that phase myself, I've gotten rid of much of that stuff. Other than jacket - ok still couldn't part with that mostly because of the price tag. However, I found the coziest Doc’s at DSW shoes – in slides, perfect to show off hand knitted socks. How cool is that? Figured they would work with jeans... what the heck, still a little rebel in there that needs nurturing. (lol)


LOVE my Docs!!! Actually just realized the other day that I haven't seen them since we moved in August - hmmm - need to find them! May also have to check out DSW - the slip ons Docs sound CUTE!


My Docs are so shot but I hang on to them...they were so comfortable. And cool! She should try 'em...I bet she'd love them!


He heh good conversation!
I still wear my Dr.Martens, but I don't think I would impress anyone hardcore on the street ;)


Yes, but do you still have your Docs?


That is really funny!


Hi, Julie!
Reason I came over today is to 'tell' you something....
appears to be a very old Knitting Bloggers 'page', and IS still UP. (if it IS yours, thought you'd want to know so you can take it down)

Rosemary C

Had a good chuckle! You remind me of our daughter Laura (37) who had 4 piercings in her ear and had us go all over London looking for the neatest pair of Doc Martens. She is now a "soccer mom" (married to a soccer player from Milan) and speaks of her young self in the third person: "I can't believe how that girl used to speak to you!" Time and children move you on.

Rosemary, who had a grand time at Stitches. I was even on camera for a PBS spot on Stitches. Although I think they are going to edit out the bit I said about all the yarn being "like street drugs"!!!


I have some stuff your mom can borrow. :)

I grew up goth/grunge/punk and while I don't wear most of those clothes any more (that whole corporate work environment) I still have them, either for nostalgia's sake, or for costuming. Even the clothes I wear to work are a little...off. I like it that way.

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