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Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Damn migraines. I hope it's over soon.


Feel better! I'm quite PMS-ey myself, nasty headaches included. Blech!


Feel better!


I really enjoy your book reviews, and I hope you're back up to speed quickly. Migraines are miserable.


Sending Chaotic Anti-Migraine Power your way! And thanks for the review. I'm up to #68 on the list at the library!


I was hoping those migraines were on their way out. Hope the new dosage level of the medication makes things better.


Have you ever tried a Chiropractor to help with those Migranes? Mine makes them go away...STAT!

Norah  Willett

Sorry to hear about the migraines returning! Hope the increased dosage will help.


I loved Peace Like a River. It won the 2002 Fiction Book Sense Book of the Year Award.


i just finished julie/julia also and loved it. i read her blog when she was in the middle of the project and it is VERY entertaining. the book and the blog are quite different, and at first i didn't like the book because of the differences, but by the time i was finished i had changed my mind.

if you have a chance, i recommend reading the blog. i have to warn you-it has a few (okay a lot) more swearing than the book but also a lot more details about the cooking and dishes themselves.

good luck with the migraines! i hope they go away for a long time soon!


Peace Like a River was one of my book club's top ten books we've read--and we have been together for seven years!

Judy H in NC

I feel the same way about Julie & Julia. I was expecting something different, but enjoyed the final result.


Ugh, I've had a migraine since yesterday morning and the imitrex isn't working. What medication do you take?

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