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Tuesday, February 28, 2006



I love that cookie book! I have the 12th printing from 1972, thanks to my Mom.


Nothing better than a big pile of books! Just a word of warning though, I have had some less-than-stellar results with the King Arthur book. I thought the Snickerdoodles were blah (they recommend shortening not butter) and the scones were lackluster, too. Otherwise I usually love the Baker's Catalogue, etc. Let us know how it works for you!


I just recently purchased the Super Crafty book and really like it too! I am gathering supplies to make the marble magnets as my first project. I've never made a sock monkey either, but my mom cranked out tons of those when I was growing up. I enjoy your book reviews ~thanks for sharing!


I will definitely be going out to get some of these, or looking at the library!


I have that same cookie book from years ago! I've had it for 25 years, I think...it is the rattiest worn thing! And I have that same Betty Crocker Cookbook! I still love some of those classic recipes. You know, I have a sock monkey that my mom made for me when I was a kid...she was such a great crafting influence. She was always on the cutting edge of crafts and all of the neighbor women would come to our house to learn!

Gillian Greding

Thanks for the great tips on the fun books! I LOVE the 52 projects book. Great idea, huh?!


I also still have the Cookie Book that I got as a child and it's pretty well used. Thanks for all the tips and books to look for!


I have that Betty Crocker cookbook! My dad gave me a bunch of his old cookbooks, and I got that one and a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from 1964. Best recipes ever, before everything got pre-packaged and low-fat.


My mom has that same Betty Crocker. There's something magical about mom's cookbook :)

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