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Saturday, February 11, 2006



Hee hee - I can completely understand the siren song to which you succumbed! Very cute litte girl there. :)


I love books too...


Reading knit-themed fiction is a foray I've not yet taken; perhaps this will be the time, eh?

The last time my library had a book sale, I brought home 27 new books. :)


Throw my name in! What a great deal! I need to find out where the libaray is here, I miss my old one :(

jillian neary

That's my idea of a good time! I love the "child for scale" - he! I have so many books "to read" that at the rate I'm reading these days I'm set for years! Are those Deb Macomber books good? I might pick up a paperback.


Throw my name in if you don't mind! I keep saying that I am going to read one of the fiction knitting books! Your girl model is about as cute as they come!


Yep, that could be dangerous, all right!!


I am so jealous of your book collection. I visit my library every week. I wish they sold old knitting books!


Please throw my name in for the book draw. I'd love to have a copy. What a great sale your library had but how sad that they were already getting rid of Debbie's book.


Hey, throw my name into the hat too!
I work in a library and have to restrain myself from going to those sales - otherwise I come home with way too many books.

tara nichole

Wow... that's a great deal on books! Did you get any other great deals?


Anything that's not a law book would make me happy!!


ME ME ME ! But I never win anything!


Debbie Macomber has also written a series of books that are not about knitting that are good. Very good light reading. I don't know the name of the series, but each title begins with the number of an address, and the addresses increase with each book. I can't tell what other books are in the pile, but what a great deal for 10 bucks! Knitting and reading are two of my passions. (You don't have to enter me in the drawing...I've already read A Good Yarn.) Happy reading!


I'd say that my weakness for reading material is equal to my madness for yarn and fiber shopping. I had to get a second job to keep up!


I LOVE library book sales. My mom had to ban me after I bought more books than I could read in about 5 lifetimes. Good thing she hasn't seen my yarn stash...

Anyway, toss my name in that drawing, if you don't mind :)


I'd like to toss in my name too.


I'm in!


I'm always up for a book.


Oooh, lucky you! I wish our library did a thing like that.


Throw my name in, please! I wish OUR library would do that...but then, there IS the problem of storage. Maybe if I applied my rule for coats (buy a new coat? give an old coat to goodwill) to books, I'd be in less of a predicament!


I can't blame you for that! That is a great deal. Maddie is ever so cute. Love the pic of her.


our library sale isn't until August - and even then the deals aren't $5 a bag!

please count me in for the drawing - I do love a good used book.


I'm in! I love Debbie Macomber books - like someone posted - they are a good light read!


I'ld love to read a fiction knitting book!! :)


oh I have been coveting this book since last summer when I read A Shop on Blossom Street and learned how to knit. I lovvvve reading, so excited for you for all your book finds here!


A girl after my own heart... books galore :D There's always room for more!


love the idea!


Hey! I've been wanting to read that book for ages!


Please add my name to the drawing. I never win anything, but I have been eying that book for a while.

Cambria W

I'd love to join the raffle for a book!! Don't have much time to read so the library is out, and not much money to buy them either. Wish me luck and thanks for giving us something fun to do.


Wow! What a haul. My library has sales but I dont think I could find 1/4 bag's worth of good stuff. Congratulations! I would LOVE to find knitting books once in a while, you did great!


I'm drooling over your good deal! I love those library sales. I don't have that book yet, so I'd love to be included in the drawing. ;-)


Sure, throw my name in - how nice of you!


I'm in, thanks for doing this. Has anyone read those knitting murder mystery books? I saw them at barnes and noble and had to pull myself away. They look hilarious. There's one called "Knit One, Kill Two" and another called "Needled to Death" by Maggie Sefton. Maybe I should see if my library has them.


I've been wanting to read some of those "knit lit" books. I'll have to check at my next library sale for some too!


Oh - put my name in - my home library would always welcome another book!

Lizzy B

Add me to the drawing Julie! And what a fabulous haul of books! WOW!


My library only seems to sell well thumbed romance novels. Throw my name in to the pot!


Ooh, ooh, ooh! I like books! Me! Me! *waves hand frantically*


If you haven't already done the picking...I'd love to be added to the HUGE pile of names. I've heard lots about that book. thanks! Oh, and your miniswap package looks wonderful. What fun!


Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I haven't read that book yet, but it is on my "wish" list! I want you to draw my name! :D


ohhhh I've been eyeing that book for a while. I'm another one who's library doesn't do the sale thing *sniff sniff* probably a good thing though as my hubby probably wouldn't be thrilled about the truck load i'd bring home!

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