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Thursday, March 02, 2006



If I don't get captured by a book in 50, maybe 100 pages, I don't continue. There are too many good reads out there to waste time reading so-so ones.

I do read the last page or two sometimes. But only sometimes!


Ditto #1. Ditto #2. :)


I've been known to peek at the ends of books to see if characters-in-peril are going to survive or not . . . just look enough to see their name (or not). Or, if a book is really bad, I might skip to the end to see how the story turns out before dropping it in the "never again" pile . . . gotta satisfy that basic curiosity, you know. It's like getting involved in a Lifetime movie--you know they're cheesy, but the story-lover in you just wants to know, "Does she die of cancer in the end, or not?"--but that doesn't mean you have to sit through the whole two hours!


I think the only two books I have ever willingly not finished are The Red Badge of Courage (boring, and I hate war) and Billy Bathgate (somebody get that man an editor!). When I was in school there were quite a few books I skimmed or dropped halfway through because they were awful, or I ran out of time before the paper was due, but for pleasure reading I try to finish what I start.

I've sneaked a peek at the ending of a book once, because I thought the synopsis was intriguing (it was a thriller), but I didn't want to bother with reading the book. I was, I think, ten years old.


I have to say, I sometimes sneak a peek - I did it recently when I was reading a chick lit book (my weakness) and I did it because although I was only about thirty pages in, I had a pretty damned good idea what was going to happen in the end. So I flipped to the end, found out I was exactly right and decided not to read the rest of the book.


When I was young, I used to sneak a look at the last few pages of whatever Nancy Drew mystery I was reading.


I used to sneak to the endings of mysteries to see if I had guessed the right bad guy when I was younger, but I could never do that now.


Ditto!! :) Well, I used to sneak the end of the Nancy Drew books to see if I picked the right bad guy (they were so predictable after you read a couple!), but I don't do that now. And I have so many books on my shelf that I'm trying to go through that if I can't get into it on my bus ride home, and I'm "forced" to knit even though I want to read, I'll pick a different book. I always go back to it later, when I'm in the "mood" :)


Peek? No, just the opposite. Sometimes when a book is really good, I find myself SLOWING down because I don't want it to end. Dumb but true.


omg - i can't believe how many people sneak a peek. i have never even once been tempted. i guess i like that crazy feeling of suspense...
i guess it's like the old knitting question - do you love the process or the finished object? i guess i like the process of the reading more than knowing how it all works out.
keep reading and keep knitting everyone!


Speaking of books, I was contacted by an author to review a book that sounds pretty cool - she is looking for women to review it. I thought you might be intersted too; do you mind if I send you the details? Let me know - just wanted to check first! (Hey, who can turn down free books?)

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