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Thursday, March 09, 2006



I have one book signed by the author--Skinny Puppy by Carl Hiassen. My husband was on his way to buy himself a coat from Eddie Bauer in Naperville when he noticed that Anderson's had a sign for a book signing. So instead of getting a coat he got me a book! He told Hiassen that his wife was his biggest fan but he'd never read any of his books before. I don't think Hiassen was thrilled to hear that but he signed the book anyway.


I have a Julia Child Cookbook signed by Julia herself. She was at the bookstore near my office and I stood in line for an hour or two to have her sign my book. I was so nervous when I got up there, she is so larger than life to me! But she was very sweet.

Stephanie Pearl McPhee signed her book for me at Stitches East this past September, she is hilarious in person as well as on her blog.


I have Christine Lavin's signature on her chapter in KnitLit Too... :)


i have a few signed books: interview with the vampire, a jim hightower book, seed of sarah (the author of which is a good friend of my mom's), two brian jacques books, a couple of others. a couple were gifts, but the best story is the brian jacques one. in my hometown, every year the library brings a children's book author to town to do readings and signings and all that kind of stuff. one year while i was in high school, working at a bookstore, it was brian jacques and, for some reason, i was part of the team of people that sort of helped him out and entertained him. so at the end of the big booksigning, i asked him to sign my two beat-up, well-thumbed paperback copies of my favorite of his two books and he did. he was a wonderful guy, too.


I have a bunch, mostly signed by fiber artists. Jane Sassaman, Kaffe Fassett, six of the Gee's Bend quilters...those are the ones that come to mind as I sit here. Hmmm...now you'll have me thinking about this all night!


I have 3 that come to mind - Hitchhiker's Guide signed by Douglas Adams. Idoru by William Gibson. The one that means the most to me is The Phantom Tollbooth, signed by Norton Juster.

Donna K.

I have a signed copy of the Yarn Harlot's first book. Does that count? Plus a photo of myself & sock with Stephanie & sock while enjoying the MS&W fest last year.

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