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Monday, March 20, 2006



Looks like a very tasty package... Hmm, I think I would have trouble with local candy, too! Yeah, there are a lot of little truffle shops, but that stuff's wickedly perishable.


Oh dear, a candy swap. Be still my heart!

Jumped over and joined.

How bad could it POSSIBLY be? LOL!

Donna K.

Mmmmm.....you are always participating in the neatest swaps.


Oh, my gosh! My sister inlaw lives in Hawaii and every visit to the mainland she brings Mauna Loa everything! Macadamias in every possible way. We love it!


OMG!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Hawaiian tweats! YUMMY! I'm sure you'll enjoy each and every one.. I want to join the swap... Not too much exciting about my area except Salt Water taffy! ;o) Anything you don't want , let me know ;o)))


Oh my goodness, that's a lot of candy.
I certainly didn't find that much local candy either!

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