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Saturday, March 04, 2006



I love the owl too! And it's a good one for Project Spectrum!


Oh.my. That owl apron is A FIND!!!! Must find the thrift shops here in my new location.


Wow, that owl ROCKS. Yay for you!


owl? owl?? no way dude that is a partridge.. you know it reminds me of the opening of the partridge family show!


Chris was right, I had to see this. It is so kawaii and a mind-boggling find! **Congratulations and taps your thrift-store crown for good luck** ;o)


That owl. Too.Cute.

knit chick

That owl is just too cool for words.


What a great unique find at the thrift store. The owl is way to cute!

jillian neary

The fates were with you! They are all cute, but especially the owl!!


aww the owl one is fantastic!!!


Julie - where is this thrift store?


WOW!! talk about bargains!! Those aprons are fantastic - way to go!


wow! that pink and orange apron is awesome - thrift score!

Gillian Greding

Such lovely finds and the owl is most definitely ADORABLE!


Wow. That owl is just unbelievable. Extremely lovely colours. Love your Holiday apron, too :D

Norah  Willett

That owl is so cool! What a find!


I love them all, but I have to see, that owl is AMAZING! So pink and Project Spectrum ;)


Is it an owl?

It reminds me of "The Partridge Family".

But still cool, nonetheless.


$2 for four aprons? Not too shabby. They're definitely cute, but I have to ask...are you going to use them?

amy k.

oh man! wow. that owls kills. way to go.


What great aprons! My great-grandma used to collect aprons and my mom has them all packed away in a cedar chest. I think I will go pull them out just to see them again. I especially LOVE your owl.


Great finds! I too love the owl, especially those fun colors.


oh wow! those are treasures! love them all!! :)


I'd heart thrifting too if I ever found something half as good as your score today. FUN!


Oh, I love that owl apron... most worthy of a frame. I have a penchant for all things owly - AND love those lurid colours! Wonderful...


I love vintage aprons! I have never come across one "in the wild," but a friend of mine was getting rid of one that had been in her family and I snatched it up. I actually wear it; is that part of the deal? Or are these for display? I can just see them on the clothesline whipping in the wind. :-)


They are just perfect aprons! i do love them, and wish they were part of my collection! What a buy!


that owl is so adorable, I love pink and orange. I like your idea for the $20 thrift challenge..

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