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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Hmmm...I might need to check that out!


When I try to download StitchCast episodes in iTunes, I get one of those exclamation points telling me that the file is corrupted or the wrong file type. I've downloaded other podcast episodes since that, so I don't think the problem is on my end. I'd love to listen, if I can download them. :-)


Really? Even after vodka tonics it was easy to pick up from the book? Or maybe because of the vodka tonics?? ;)

I will listen soon - I'm so far behind on podcasts, it's just sad...


i might have to check that one out again. i looked at it at borders the other day and didn't love any of the patterns, but i'm sure the instructions are good. i know how to do some crochet, but my biggest problem is reading a pattern! they're just incomprehensible to me!


I haven't listened yet, but I will as soon as I get a chance. Can't wait.


I just picked it up as well. I finished the little clutch handbag in an afternoon! This was after having bought a small handful of crochet books and trying to have my (left handed) mom try and show me. This book just explained it in a way I could understand.

Great scarf!

Norah  Willett

I downloaded your podcast from iTunes Sunday night, and had no problems. But I have a Mac--I'm not sure if that makes the difference.

Anyway, crochet! That's so cool that you've started. The scarf is so pretty.


I'm hoping to get an Ipod for my birthday and then I can listen!

And I think I might need to learn how to crochet....working in the store I kinda need to!


Well, you are a compulsive leaner, right? :) I may just give crochet a closer look.


Congratulations on learning to crochet! Your work looks very nice, not like a beginner's at all.


It's awesome that you've learned to crochet, and your work looks great.

I learned to knit after years of just crocheting, and it's so great to know how to do both.


I've had a hard time learning Crochet as well but Debbie Stroller's book so well written that I was able to pick it up too. Congratulations on your first pod cast!


I finished listening to your podcast last night. It was great, and I can't wait for more. Have you ever tried tatting? I can tat, but I haven't done any recently. So what are you crocheting? It looks cute! I can't wait to see the entrelac bag too.


I listened to the first couple minutes of your podcast at the bus stop yesterday (before the busses started passing and made it hard to hear anything) and loved it! I'm very excited to hear the rest but want to save it for just the right time. Just as lovely as your blog!


I am very proud of you! A podcast and crocheting! I listened a few days ago and I love it, Julie!

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