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Friday, March 03, 2006



That sounds wonderful. I've got a Meyer lemon tree and so many go to waste every year. This bread sounds perfect.


It just SOUNDS so good.


I don't think it's at all unusual to have a favorite cookbook author. I could not pinpoint mine to one: I'm a big fan of Deborah Madison, MAak Bittman, Jane Grigson and Elizabeth David. Oh, and I've been making wonderful baked goods from the King Arthut Baking Book for several years now. I will buy the Martha SAtewart Baking Book soon!


That was my stomach.


Darn it, wish I'd seen this two weeks ago, when I picked up a bag of Meyer lemons and used Martha's online recipe from some fancy chef. That one also made two loaves (what is it with her and two loaf recipes?), involved three separate bakings, and didn't turn out all that good! Sigh. Have an extra piece of yours for me, okay?


Oh... Yummy! Now I want to bake some too.

I now how to make a delicious banana nut with chocolate chunks bread, tho.


Lemon and blueberries, mmmmmm....the bread looks yummy.


I have a recipe for lemon bread that I got from my grandmother...but I loooooove the idea of adding blueberries! Will have to try that. Gotta get those antioxidants!


It sure looks yummy!


If you ever need a serious hit of lemon, Maida Heatter has a pound cake-like marvel called The Best Damn Lemon Cake. I have found the recipe on the internet as well. It calls for tons of lemon juice and zest and two (!) bottles of lemon extract. Sounds crazy, but it is very, very good. It is kind of like being hit by a lemon truck, but in a good way.

And no, I don't think you are crazy for having favorite cookbook authors. Mine right now is probably Rick Bayless.


One of my favorite recipes is for a Barefoot Contessa lemon loaf...the glaze is put on warm and it just sinks into the loaf...like yours! My mouth is watery now just thinking about a bite of that tart glaze!


I love anything lemon. That looks fantastic.


I've adapted a recipe for lemon blueberry muffins from one that appeared in This Organic Life (a book by Joan Dye Gussow that includes some great recipes) that I just love. I actually bought some frozen blueberries with the intention of making them soon.


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