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Tuesday, March 21, 2006



it is beautiful. you're quite inspiring. I think i want to learn to quilt now. well, after I learn the gazillion other things I want to try.


That's your FIRST QUILT??!! Girl, I am impressed!


I think the flatness is pretty darn cool, too, and I don't quilt. That picture is just great.


Julie, it's beautiful! I think you just gave me the kick in the pants I need to actually do the quilting on mine.


Wow - who knew that quilting was an exercise program?!


I love the way your quilt is turning out!

Even though you're in pain now (and real crafting is all about the pain), when you look at the quilt years from now you'll love all the hard work you put into the very first one.



Ouch--safety pins?? I've always basted my quilts together, which is also a pain, but not quite so painful. Of course, I've never bothered to iron the quilt-sandwich together, either . . . (grin) It's looking good!


Yay, Julie!! Cheering you on to the finishline!!


Yep! You're a natural!


The flatness is very impressive. It's looking fantastic. I'm sympathising with the turning and the quilting I had the same problem last week.


Holey moley am I impressed! Just started my first quilt - I'm on the cutting out part. It'll be a while before I get to the actual quilting, though.....


Ironing and sandwiching always takes so much longer than I think it will, and my quilts *never* look that flat! I absolutely don't believe you when you say there's a backing and batting in there! I think you just ironed it, laid it out, and put a frame of batting around it. Am I right? C'mon, 'fess up! Oh, okay, maybe you're just totally compulsive and *this close* (picture me holding my thumb and forefinger really close together) to perfection. Great, nearly unbelievable job, don't even mention the fact this is quilt #1!


It's beautiful, Julie! I'm going to have to get good enough at some finished product project so that I can lure you into a trade for a quilt (just because I'm afraid of quilting doesn't mean I don't want any in my home!). I can't wait to see it in person!


Your quilt is beautiful! I like the idea of ironing the backing, batting & quilt top together before basting. I have always hand basted and I imagine it is as time consuming as using safety pins. I know your quilt will be well loved.


That quilt is beautiful. I can't believe it was your first one. Really a great job Julie!

Gillian Greding

What a gorgeous quilt. Love the colors. Beautiful. SUCH A GREAT JOB!!!


It's gorgeous! And if that's your first, there are more great quilts in your future....


It looks so great! You've completely inspired me with this quilt class. Next time I get some free cash I'm determined to find a place with some classes.


Beautiful quilt!


WONDERFUL JOB! Congrats on your lovely quilt! Here's a tip on the pins...try to find some size 0 brass pins for the basting. While you'll still have to pin 300 pins, they're much smaller (read: less painful) and leave smaller holes. They also won't rust...not that you might ever get into a situation where a quilt remains in the pin-basting stage for years, ahem. :-) If you would like to try some sometime, let me know. I'll hook you up...or pin you up?

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