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Sunday, March 12, 2006



Isn't there some sort of tutorial on the Cast On site? Maybe I'm just hallucinating that.

Ok, I am BOGGLED at the amount of quilting homework you had AND the amount you've gotten done. WOW.


The quilt looks great! I can't wait to see how the next steps go.


That is great, the border really 'finishes' it and changes the way it looks!

Quilting is my 'next' hobby, I've got a book on the way and am starting to stash some fabric, I'm excited about giving it a go!


Your quilt top is beautiful. A week to quilt? How big is this baby?

Donna K.

Wow! You put the top together quickly. How large will the quilt be when completed? I can't imagine getting the quilting completed in a week. Will it be machine quilted?

Lizzy B

Wow! The quilt top looks great! I'm so impressed by everything you got done in such a short time!


The quilt DOES look great. I've done (almost) all of my quilting by hand, so things obviously take much longer!


Pretty, pretty! What a difference the border makes!


When I first saw the fabrics you chose I wasn't impressed but your finished result it wonderful! Looks like you did a real nice job with sewing and I can't wait to hear about the quilting. All in one week? Hurry up and show us!!


That is stunning. You make me want to run right out to the fabric shop.

My husband's aunt recently invested in one of those huge long arm quiliting machines that cost about as much as a car. Unfortunately they don't live anywhere nearby. The thing is awesome! It takes up their whole basement and it's got a laser pointer thingy so you can track the quilt design with the laser as you move the arm. I was impressed. She's starting custom quilt company.


Very pretty. You did such a great job. Are you machine quilting it or hand quilting?


Your homework is beautiful! I'm a little jealous - my MIL has tried to teach me to sew many times and it just doesn't take...

Keep up the good work!



Your quilt top looks absolutely great!


Your quilt is so beautiful! I love it!

As for the preamp, uh, yeah ... I know nothing about those things. My mic cost $20 and plugs straight into the computer. One day in the not too distant future I'm going to invest in a different style mic so I can add a windscreen to it. I suck wind a lot when I talk, or at least the mic picks it up.

I use Audacity. Podsafe Music Network for free and ... well, podsafe music. (Like that is obvious.) I run a hosting company, so I could host my shows there. However, LibSyn.com offers bittorrent types of downloads (or something techno like that) so they download faster. I pay $5-10 a month for that. I also pay for the pro level of Feedburner for pushing the feeds out - mainly for the extra stats. (LibSyn is nice in that you can sort of see the number of downloads in your stats there.)

Hmmm... everything else that I can think of was free. Some podcasters use different (not free) software for their show, but I would recommend starting with Audacity and then upgrading later if you feel the need. Also, podcast411.com has good tutorials. And I'm always willing to answer any questions you might have.

Man, if you start podcasting, does that mean I'll have to change my format from the "it is all about BoogaJ and how I adore her" show? *grin* (I just took a Sophie off the needles last night!)


I have a quilt top almost like that! I'm hand-quilting it and it's taking forever.


oh my, I love the colors you chose for your quilt top. Gorgeous.

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