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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Oh, hope you're feeling better very quickly. Wish I could FedEx you some Airborne or some other remedy, but instead, I'll just send you some good, healthy, germ-free thoughts! Get some rest...


Sounds like a great day...well, you know - except for the sick part. Hope you're feeling better soon.


I love Sandwich. It's one of the things I miss most about Chicago.

Emily Cartier

Rarity is not the primary factor in a quilt's value. Quality of workmanship, condition, materials, provenance, artistic merit... all of these are far more important than the pattern used being rare unless the pattern is rare because it's a difficult one to do well. A Compass Rose quilt is a good example of hard to do well. I'd be disinclined to pay $1200 for even a well done difficult pattern bed quilt tho, unless it had very good documentation.

Quilt collecting is big business these days, and many merchants are not as ethical as we might like. If you're interested in quilt collecting as well as quilt making, learn more about how to identify various techniques so you aren't depending on the vendor to tell you what's good.


That sounds like a fun day aside from the being sick and all. Hope you feel better soon!


Nice dish! Drink more lemonade and hot tea.


Oh, feel better!!


Didn't realize thats where you are ... I remember as a kid every year we went to the Sandwich fair!! Although still in the chicago area, haven't been there as an adult. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you are feeling healthy again!


hope you start feeling better soon!
great finds... i love pottery!


Do what you have to do to get better. The countdown has started!


I absolutely love the leaf dish! Gorgeous! I'm glad you came home with something so nice when you felt so lousy.

Bonne Marie

Sandwich! I love that place - it's a nice country drive and the market is not as huge and wonky as Kane Co.

You brought back some fond memories I have of roaming the Flea Lands...


We went to the local antique/junk store today and had so much fun just poking around!
I fell in love with Frankoma potterythe first time I saw it, about 12 years ago, long before I had any clue what it was. I just kept being drawn to that same glaze, too, everytime I saw a piece. I still don't own any of it yet, but I think it inspired our choice of pattern of our dishes: http://www.denby.co.uk/ProductRange.aspx?ProductCategoryId=1143

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