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Thursday, April 06, 2006



Oh, look what you've started! I did sign up last night and now have some 30-odd (mostly knitting, a few gossip sites for good measure) in my feeds...



I signed up for some food blogs from seeing them listed on your blog. And that was something I didn't need to do, but I do enjoy reading the foodie blogs too.


96% of my subscriptions are knitting related...you folks are such an inspiration...I'm just trying to keep up!


Gosh, I'm BELOW the average? How'd that happen?? (grin)


Yeah, I have to be different. There aren't too many female knitting fire fighters out there. But it is interesting that the average is 175.


Yeah, you whipped things up for me too!

Aren't knitters fascinating humans?


Oh, yeah, I skipped the categories - I follow a gluten-free blog very loosely and also Largehearted Boy (book a week, daily music downloads, etc). I did follow See You in the Pit, but that was just to preview the bands for South by Southwest, so it's done.

And I guess I follow a few non-knitting blogs just because I "like" the people. :)

Rosemary C

Okay, I am a "newbie" to blogs and blogging. I read your blog,the "harlots" blog and "purls beyong price"(she is a yarn store owner here in San Jose, Ca.)I am right in the middle of reading THE WORLD IS FLAT, and it is mind blowing what the whole blog world is doing.It really shows how we all want to connect.


So can we see your list? Now that I know I'm way below average ;)

I just reorganized my bloglines because so many of my "knitty blogs" really included a lot more (like yours for instance). So now I have a crafty/knitty blogs category, an other blogs category, and podcasts.

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