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Friday, April 28, 2006



Wow! The felted Entrelac looks great. If I didn't know better (i.e. if I weren't a knitter) I'd be mystified as to how you did that. That's always a good sign. :)

And that cross-stitch...eek! You must be a glutton for punishment. ;)


The entrelac looks so wonderful felted. I can imagine it will be a great bag - but first of all, I have all the goodies in my stash to make the Kristina bag.... it's been waiting for a while.

The cross stitch looks great. Inspring me to pick mine up again.


The 6 balls of kureyon that have been languishing unspoken for in my stash just heaved a collective sigh of happiness. They thank you for giving them purpose =) (And I thank you for having to tweak the pattern, since I can't even consider starting it for a bit yet LOL)


So neat! I got the yarn for my baby booga bag the other day; it's colorway 170. My blog is going well so far, and I hope you are feeling better!


The bag is looking lovely, and the cross stitch sampler is amazing.


I've never felted entrelac how cool that it flatens out like that. Can't wait to see the finished bag!


Ooh, that looks so great! Very cool. I really need to try felting one of these days....


THAT is AWESOME. Period. Love the felted entrelac!


I love how entrelac looks when it's felted, much more than how it looks plain. I'm excited to see the finished bag!


Oooooh... the bag is wonderful! I can't wait to see it all finished up!

jillian neary

That is going to be beautiful - and the new colorway is great. Blues and greens, yummmm.

It's interesting to see that cross-stitch pattern after hearing about it. Yikes :)

Rosemary C

I have never tried entrelac, so I am very excited. Knowing you, it will not be difficult and will be well explained. Thanks so much.

Rosemary C, who will be participating in the Save Darfur rally on the Golden Gate bridge tomorrow.
I will wave to you.


Can't wait for a peek at that bag - knit fast! ;)


Oh I want that bag!!! I got an entrelac pattern forever ago and never made it....it skeers me!


Gorgeous bag!! It will be luscsiously lagoony in the new Noro you got.


your felted entrelac is WOW! can't wait to see the whole thing :D
oh my... that cross stitch is quite the project - yikes!


That's a great cross stitch pattern - the more complicated the better, i say!


Oh, I can't wait to see the finished bag! Entrelac is so dang intriguing to me. I got a sock pattern a few months ago that I will probably never do, and it had entrelac in it...I should send it to you now that you are an entelac expert!


That bag is soo cool!


Looking forward to seeing a progress picture of The Token. It is going to be beautiful.

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