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Monday, April 03, 2006


Rosemary C

Please tell me that somewhere you have written down:"Sit quietly with a cup of tea and stare out the window". Wow! I got tired just looking at your list. You are one ambitious lady. But, I really want to see that entrelac pattern.

Rosemary C in wet and rainy California where we are waiting to see the "ark". Too many days of rain. I need a light box!


That IS an intimidatingly busy list you've got there! I'm with Rosemary--you need to schedule some downtime there!


Wow. I feel tired just looking at your list. Definitely schedule downtime to make sure you get some!


Oh my that's some list!


Wow, that is some list! I need to make one of even more magnificent proportions.

Interesting about the migraine thing. I have had one since last night, and we are having storms today. I wonder if that is the connection? I rely on Excederin Migraine - works well for me!

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