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Friday, April 07, 2006



Oh, the blues...so pretty!


Did you need my address? I have room for more yarn now! ;)


The yarn turned out great!

Y'know how rough new jeans are, and how they soften and fade over time? I wonder if the yarn is like that...


I love how the yarns and fibers came out.


One caveat with indigo dyeing and wool is that the alkalinity of the vat can damage the wool and make it feel coarse. If your cvm was nat'l dyed it could have been indigo overdyed with osage or fustic which yields pretty greens, but as mentioned, the alkalinity can be kind of harsh. Other yarns I've dyed in cochineal and logwood using alum as a mordant have come out soft and supple, so I don't think it's the mordant's fault. Hide glue is recommended to prevent damage in the vat but MissyB has had funkiness happen (splotchiness I think) and I haven't tried it yet.
I still have to finish my indigo dyeing experiments--we got kicked outside when it rained because we made the house smell too gross--wet wool and duck poop, yum.

Norah  Willett

The blues look beautiful! Can't wait to hear your podcast.


I love the depth of the blue. Can't wait to see what this looks like knitted up.


those colors are gorgeous!

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