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Thursday, April 06, 2006



I think that is a great idea. Ofcourse it just forces me to realize that I really really need a new sewing machine. I'm sure I could make it work all the same.

I'd be happy to help if you need any.


I think this is something I'd be interested in! I've thought about doing Tie One On, but there's just never any time to do it (I need an apron, and my daughter needs one too, but I never get around to actually making either). But little pincushions? I think I could find the time to do that. I love little projects.


I was *just* about to say "how many pincushions would one person need?" before I realised that having one pin cushion for each type of pin I own would be useful. Plus, one set for my sewing, one set for my knitting, one for my mum ...


This should pretty much eliminate the 1-2 spare minutes you still have each day.


Sounds like fun. I need a new pincushion.


Sounds super! Count me in.


This is such a great idea! I've been so inspired lately by craftapolooza and bella dia and all those lovely pin cushions. Must...Make...Some! Please count me in!


Count me in! I have been meaning to make a pincushion for a while now. This would get me started!


Im in!


I would love to joing, but I just can't imagine having another second free..........
Maybe next month?


I think that would be a really neat idea, especially since you bring it up while I was flipping through a cross stitch magazine yesterday and was totally inspired by a really pretty pin cushion.


i think it's a great idea - i'm trying to get more into sewing lately, trying to decide if i want to join backtack3 (and trying to figure out the time zone difference between boston and sydney) and all these challenges and swaps are great motivators!


I think this is a great idea! I've been wanting to make some since I've seen them around in blog land, and now, thanks to whip up, I know how!
And Pete's comment cracked me up!

Donna K.

Count me in! I need a reason to dust off my sewing machine.


EXCELLENT idea. Yes please. Maybe you could create a knitted/felted pincushion pattern for your knitting only peeps? :)


I think it's a cute idea. That said, I need my magnetic pin holders becuase, well, with kids running around, yeah, I'll let you guess how many times pins get knocked around this house. But I think it woul dbe nice to have a bunch - leave on in each area of the house I craft in ... granted my dh might not appreciate it LOL!


love it. I'm in!


Sounds really fun. A pin cushion is small enough to make it do-able. Of course I have no idea how to make a pin cushion, but that's half the fun, right? One of my favorite possessions is a pin cushion my mom made when she was in school.

Wishing on Clovers

I think this is a wonderful idea, I would love to take part when it goes up!


this sounds great. I have just started sewing again and I really need a pincushion, this should finally motivate me to make one, or ten. Count me in.


Yes yes yes!!! Sounds like fun. Please count me in.


yes! I think it's a great idea. Pincushions can be easy or complex, decoration-wise, so it's an idea that many could participate in.


Great idea, let me know when it starts!


The theme possibilities are utterly endless! Time wasted on useless creations is the bane of my existence, but making useful little pincushions, well what could possibly be a better use of my precious time?


I love this idea! Pincusions are not too intimidating, and allow for mega-creativity. Cool!


I LOVE it! Please keep us int he loop!


Ahh, I love this idea! I'm so in for either the swap or the monthly challenge.


I am so. in.

I've been making pincushions lately like -mad- and all my friends are about to start sticking the pins in ME if I don't stop giving them as gifts all the time. It'd be good to have a new group of people to annoy with present these little works of art to who will appreciate them. :)


Basic premise: One can never have too many pin cushions. Of course you can't! Pure genius. I was just at my sewing machine a minute ago looking for a spare with none in sight... When do we begin?


Oh, this is perfect!! I just made my first pin cushion and planned to make more. I will keep an eye out for this challenge :)


Count me in - even though I'm no.156...


I found your blog through Whipup - and I love this idea! A pincusion seems like something I can very likely find the time for, unlike a softie or an apron..
Count me in!


Sounds great - I'm in! I can't resist a good monthly challenge.

heather james

i've never done a group challenge thingy. i'd love to try this one out!

the pincushion i made is boring, a rectangle (done out of need). but i'd love a nice one like those flower ones with the button in the middle.

put me on your list!


I love this idea! Good going!


i'd love to do this - is it too late to join? seems like a do-able monthly sewing/stitching project. please update....


This is a terrific idea! I was just thinking that I needed some pin cushions. :) Please count me in!


I think it sounds like a great idea too!


I'm game! - all my pins are in boxes. Doesn't work too well...


I think that is a great idea, I have been collecting some stuff to make pincushions, stuff I need to use.


Can I play?


ooooo, sounds fun! I think I would be up for that!


Great idea! I love the idea of lots of pincushions!


I'm in.

I love to have a theme, a project and a deadline and pincushions are just the right size of project. and they make wonderful gifts for friends - think how many presents I'll have made by Christmas!


Count me in too! : )


what a great idea. you can count me in!


Love it!


This sounds fun. I need to work on my sewing skills and a pin cushion seems pretty hard to screw up. Plus, there were really cute pin cushions in MSL an issue or two back that I've been meaning to make.


I love this idea. Pin cushions are more often used than aprons, so they make good gifts too. I mean, one can only have so many aprons (uh, I have waaaaaaay too many, lol). They could be sewn with fabric, or hand-stitched felt, made-up designs, Japanese designs....the possibilities are endless. Yes Yes Yes please do it!


I am interested. How is this going to work?

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