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Monday, April 03, 2006



Wow! You've got me beat! My only accomplishment this weekend was finishing my dad's socks up while doing the laundry and watching John play a computer game.

It's been nice to see some sunshine today. All the grey weather wasn't giving me migraines but it sure doesn't motivate me to do anything!


I loooove Quirky Nomads!


Yes! Pictures!!


My list of podcasts is getting a little crazy. At some point I may have to start picking favorites. It's so awesome that there are so many choices now, something for every knitter.


You have been a busy little girl! :)


Oh, I love lists! I sit down, think about my day, and write out a nice, detailed list, making sure I keep my handwriting nice and neat and pleasant to look at. I prioritize the items, note needed supplies, organize errands so that I drive from place to place in a sensical way...then I lose the list. :D

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