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Saturday, April 01, 2006



Sometimes the most simple designs can be the best. I think that block design will work well - especially if you can maybe have the colours (tonally) changing from one corner of the quilt to the other (diagonally). Please bear in mind that I have *zero* quilting experience, but an artist for a mother!


That looks great, I think it will be lovely. The software looks fun too. I often try to design quilts using Illustrator, but it's a big pain!


Very bright and cheery. I like it! My mom used to quilt, someday maybe I will too. I try not to be involved in too many crafts, but they sneak up on me sometimes!


I think it looks great! I could imagine spending WAY too much time playing with that software.


I like it! Simple but very effective.


Looks great and makes me want to get back to another neglected passion. Somehow I don't seem to be able to balance the three...gardening, quilting and knitting. It's all or nothing and your simple little pattern REALLY has me thinking........


Very nice! :) The pattern should be easy enough. I am on my 4th quilt ever, and it is a twin size, and let me tell you the size part it intimidating....baby quilts are much more my speed.


i love it! will the lines between be white as they are in the mockup?


I like the design--very fun! I've been staring at my own pile of the new DS fabric, wondering what to do.


you make me want to dust off my eq5 too. i like that design alot. simple is best sometimes.


I love this design. It is so simple but very effective. I have seen a quilt in a magazine with this design and the person put a block measuring 2 blocks X 2 blocks with a simple little house and an outsized flower (naive) and it looked gorgeous.


It's me again, I forgot to say that they put the house block off-centre, and I think this made the quilt more interesting.

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