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Monday, April 10, 2006



Now I'll have to add Waiting to my teetering tottering to-read pile...


thanks for the review. it's on my list. i can't wait to read it.


I love Liberated Quiltmaking! Such a great inspiration.


I love it when you review books. I've found some treasures from your suggestions, so this is definitely going up on my to read list. Thanks for the review!


That's incentive if I've ever heard it. I started the book a couple of days ago. Light, enjoyable read thus far.


Thanks for the review of Waiting... I've picked it up a number of times but never followed through with a purchase.

I also had an "eh" reaction to black and blue... I think it's because Quindlen's essays are so powerful, nuanced and tightly written, and that sort of got lost in a longer form.


I read "Waiting" years ago and I was disappointed in the ending.

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