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Saturday, April 08, 2006



Look at how much fun she's having!! Sounds like a great day.

Norah  Willett

That looks like so much fun for Maddie!

Those buildings remind me of the town I grew up in. Do they actually have a soda fountain in that drugstore, or is that sign just a relic of the past? (Like a sign in a building in Pioneer Square in Seattle that says Rooms for 50 cents).


I've never heard of lustron being used for store fronts, and while I can't vouch for the first one, I would bet my left shoe that the second photo is vitrolite glass. Structural glass that quite commonly was used in the mid-century to cover up historic brick store fronts. http://www.vitrolitespecialist.com/intro/intro.htm


Lustron or vitrolite, whichever, it's a fun history lesson. Reminds me of my hometown Rexall drug store. Thanks!

I'll be listening to your podcast as soon as it's up.:-)


Yay! Can't wait for the podcast!


I'll look for the new podcast! That easter egg looks lovely - and pink tights - weeeeee!

Those old building fronts are so cool. And going the way of the dodo bird :(

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