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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Miss Amy

That is too cool! I love my booga bag and so do my girls, as I made them each one for an Easter gift. I get all kinds of compliments on them. Thanks for having such a great pattern! C-ya.


Nice! Free publicity is the best kind!


That's awesome! Not that it's not already famous among internet-savvy knitters, but the additional exposure is cool!

I made a booga bag for my mom for Christmas this year -- it held beads & closures (as she likes to make jewelery) -- in a blue kureyon colorway.

At least in my knit group, it's the recommended "first felt" bag (because the proportions are laid out, and kureyon felts so nicely).


How neat! You're a celebrity!


You're famous - booga famous!


Very cool, girlfriend!


Oh wow that is cool!


Hee hee! My knitting friend/colleague/partner-in-crime and I were discussing the felted bag craze today. It seems that in order to be a "legit" knitter, you need to (a) like chocolate, (b) own some sort of felted bag, made by you or gifted by a knitter friend and (c) have a cat (or, at the very least, appreciate cat antics, or have a substitute pet, like a dog or rabbit!)


Wow! Very cool. Not to bring up bad news...but did you ever resolve anything with that bad magazine?

Norah  Willett

That's sp cool!

Donna K.

What a great coincidence.


Woo-hoo!! Yeah for getting in the magazine =)


It made me all warm and fuzzy to see your patterns at Yarns 2 Ewe in Houston today. I already own the ones I need, but it reminded me that the first felted bag pattern I purchased was a Black Sheep Bag pattern there! Matter of fact, the *only* felted bag patterns I have ever purchased have been Black Sheep Bag patterns! Because really, they ARE the best!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

What great fabrics !!! I would like so much to be able to find these great yarns here in Belgium to make my own booga bag :( Smooches


Now that is so cool!


We love free press! The Booga Bag will go down in history as "the" knitted object of this generation!


First knitters, now quilters, soon the world!


That sounds like a true circle moment!


Hi Julie, congrats on the mention in the magazine! You shouldn't be surprised about the popularity of this pattern - it was my FIRST felting project! It now lives in Dublin, Ireland!

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