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Tuesday, May 16, 2006



I just picked a cute fruit pattern for my pin cushion so I still want to start that, too.

I did the binding on my last quilt which was for Erika without a thimble. My right middle finger really suffered for it. There are pictures of it on my blog a number of posts down on the page (May 5). Just a super simple quilt though. Nothing special.


I just picked up a Quilting Sampler magazine
and there was the booga bag in a glorious color spread...just wanted to say
WohhHoo for you!


I've heard a lot about people getting libsyn to host their podcasts. Would you mind telling me why you went with them? Was your server going kaput with the # of downloads or the host not able to store that many files?

Just curious. I'm a multimedia geek in addition to being a knitter :) Thanks. Good luck with all those things to do!


I will try to get to the latest episoe today. I look forward to it, it's just hard to find the time!


Finish the Entrelac bag! I've been itching to do a project like that and thinking about designing my own. But if you've done the dirty work, then I'll be a charter buyer. :)


ohh I'm off to listen to it today! ohh that golding wheel at MSW was amazing but I just couldn't imagine spending 5,000 ona a wheel!


I use Libsyn, it I've had no problems, except for the ones that I make for myself!! PLUS-They use Paypal, and I always have a balance in there!!


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