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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



It's not lame, it's totally cute. Whatever with you!

Sheepish Annie

Not lame at all!!! I believe that if you look up "lame" in the dictionary you will see something like, "sexist guy in hardware store who messes with woman who owns sharp needles of varying sizes." Nice job on your pincushion.


I do like the fabric you picked for the strawberry part. Is the felt from the stuff you bought in Maryland?

Mama Urchin

I also really like the strawberry fabric. And as far as the top being off center, I'm sure it makes it more charming. Real strawberries don't always have perfectly centered caps anyway.


How funny...I was looking on Martha's site, and trying to find the emery sand also (online) witih no luck. They need to publish sources! At any rate, you chose the perfect fabric for your berry...yum!


I like your strawberry! There's no way Martha shops at a hardware store, that's probably the catch-all phrase if the editors aren't sure where the supply is found "purchase at hardware store". ;-)
Thanks again for all your hard work on the pincushion challenge, I can't wait for tomorrow!!


It was a lot of fun looking through the gallery on Flickr! It almost made me want to figure out how to sew. If only I needed pincushions!


I don't think you're fishing for compliments either, but I think your pincushion is dang cute! Sorry about the guy at the hardware store! I wanted to participate, but I've been too darn busy! Maybe next time ;)


I think it looks cool. Brooke however just looked at it and asked why the ice cream was green and the cone was red! NOt sure she quite got it but she is only 5...

amy k.

you, crafty one, are not LAME-it is I who am lame for not making my pin cushion!! oh the aprons got the better of me-will HAVE to do next month. . .

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