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Friday, June 16, 2006



looking forward to your progress on amineko - i've always wanted to try my hand at amigurumi....

Mama Urchin

oooh, how victorian of you, please make sure if you faint you land on something soft, carry a pillow perhaps?


What size hook is that? I need to get started on mine, but haven't gotten to it yet- like a bazillion other things. My A/C isn't too happy either. Hang in there!


I love this pattern. If you can get a hold of the actual book it's well worth the price... gorgeous. I used Red Heart and a hook that was just a bit small (I thought tight would be better), but I'm just now getting all the feeling back in my right ring finger because the stitches were so tight I damaged a nerve (oops). When I'm 100% back I'll be using the soft-handled hooks and taking lots of breaks.

Here's my first amineko:


Any Belgian chocolate does the trick for me.

The heat is bothering me. And my animals. And no one wants to move. We're due for a killer thunderstorm today; that should get the air moving again.


oh yikes! be careful - drink lots of cold water!!
wait til the winter to visit me - we've broke 100 every day for the past 2 weeks - it's not even summer yet! gotta love that Texas heat

oh, those cats are fun D:


I need help! I should see pictures about making of an amgurumi, because i cant read the english texts very well. Thank you!

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