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Wednesday, June 07, 2006



Your voice sounds a lot different than on Stitch-Cast. It's interesting, I notice the same thing when my hubby talks on the phone- he does technical support on the phone, so he has a totally different phone voice. I enjoyed the podcast, thanks for sharing with us!


Hey, you may have already blogged about this or noticed ... but in case you haven't ... in this month's Quilt Sampler magazine, there's a picture of your Booga Bag pattern in a knitted up purse on page 63. It's a story that talks about Thread Bear Fabrics in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Just an fyi ...


You guys crack me up. And I have an even worse opinion of Anne Coulter than Pete does :-)


i'm so behind on this whole podcast thing.... ugh.
although, from reading the last comment, i'll probably not make yours the first podcast i listen to. ;-P i'm a Reagan conservative and love Anne Coulter.....
so, let's agree to remain fiber friends.:)


The sandwich part made me hungry.



OH! I just synced for my flight to London, but I will definitely have to go back, add this, and sync again! Just think, it will be like the three of us, chatting away on the plane. How delightful!


Christine, I hope that having an animated conversation with your iPod didn't get you tossed off of the plane!


I suspect your humour is regional, as it does not translate well across the border. I gather you were discussing a politician or media personality (?), a fast food place (?), and a weather forecaster I have never seen in a place I do not live? I guess it is one of those stories where you had to be there for it to be funny…


hi, i'm a non techie and i'm interested in learning how to podcast in the simplest least expensive way. can you suggest some books about how to equip myself and do it? thank you so much.

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