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Tuesday, June 13, 2006



That's too bad about the on line business and the web host. I hope you get it all back up and running soon.

Just wanted to say that I love the entrelac bag design. Definitely one I'll have to go out and get once you've got it ready to go. It looks so cool.


Good luck Julie. The bag is cute and I love that color.


The bag looks great. I can't wait to try it once the pattern is ready. Good luck getting the site back up and running.


Good luvk with the new website. I love that bag can't wait until you have the pattern for sale!


What a cute tote!


It's a wonderful bag!


Ooh! It's gorgeous.... Can't wait!


love love the new bag! this is the one that i'll have to put my entrelac-fear away for and just do ---
i think. i'm such a fraidy cat


I hope things pick up SOOOOOONNN!!!

Dorothy looks good. I like the fact that it has a flap. I have too many open top bags and, with a kitten, can't use any of them!

Chin up!


Hi.That was a very fine bag.I love the colurs.And I also have to say that you have a very fine blog,many things that have inspired me:-)

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