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Saturday, June 17, 2006



I highly recommend Green & Black's Maya Gold. It reminds me a little bit of tea, and is really good.


I love love love the Ghirardelli chocolate baking bars. You might be thinking they are gross, but I would say give them a try. While nursing my MSPI/reflux baby they were all the chocolate I could eat. Wonderful Stuff. But watch out, very expensive!


YUM! I guess the source isn't online huh? I love a good dark dark chocolate. I haven't had too much experience with really good chocolate though. I think the best I've had is the kind with the endangered animal on it...


I had Michel Cluizel's Noir aux Ecorces d'Orange chocolate recently. Just so-so. I thought the orange too overpowering with a bitter faux orange aftertaste.


I love Green and Black's chocolate! The Almond, Milk, and Maya Gold are superb! Now I want to try the white after your endorsement. I also love a Lindt pitaschio bar, with some lovely almond cream and a little nut filling.


I like the Endangered Species chocolate bars. My favorite is the Panda Bar, a combo of white and dark milk chocolate. Yum!


My favorite is Lindt! It all started when I was a child. Relatives would come visit my grandparents and bring HUGE bars to give us kids as gifts.
I also have a Lindt store within an easy drive of my house so part of my 'yarn' budget is spent there.
Knitting and dark chocolate make life good!


For plain, inexpensive chocolate, Dove. It's smooth [unlike chalky Hershey's] and both the milk and the dark are good...although I prefer the dark. Those damn little squares/hearts/eggs get me everytime!


Lindt chocolate is my favortie. Last week someone sent me some Seattle truffle chocolate bars and really good as well.


Second, third and fourth all of the Green and Blacks. My mum and I were eating it waaaay before it was "fashionable"! The "Maya" is strong (bitter) especially if you like the white chocolate. For me, the perfect one is G&B Milk chocolate. Hmmmm..... dribble ...
Excuse me!

The Purloined Letter

I too am a major Maya Gold fan. I've never tried the G&B white. Now it is next on my list!

We also love the little circular boxes of dark chocolate pie-shaped pieces that we get at Trader Joe's--called Traveller's or something. I keep stitch holders and row counters in the leftover boxes, too.


I saw the little photo of the white chocolate and nearly clapped, I love that bar so much. Isn't it fantastic? Their Hazelnut & Currant is another favorite.

Vosges makes my very best favorites. The Red Fire is my absolute favorite ever (I copy the flavor by eating that new Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate ice cream with chili powder sprinkled on top) with Barcelona Bar coming in second. I never dreamed my chocolate needed to have salt in it, but now I know it does. Their Woolloomooloo, Naga, and Black Pearl are fantastic, as well.

Dagoba makes a bar with lavender and blueberries that's lovely, as well.

Sheepish Annie

On the lesser expensive end, I'm a Dove Dark girl. Hershey's Special Dark is usually a last option, but their nuggets with almonds actually aren't bad. Newman's Own is another fave! um...I didn't realize I ate that much chocolate...


Another vote for the Maya Gold!

jillian neary

Ooooh - bring on the chocolate. I love G&B's in general, and have also had that White Chocolate bar. Yum. Just recently I got to sample from Scharffen Berger dark chocolate - extra dark. I had one square and it was so rich it's all I had in one day. Now THAT's some high quality chocolate.


For an everyday chocolate fix, I love Dove....milk or dark either one. For a more luxury treat Lindt, or Godiva. I've never tried the brand you are talking about. If I ever get home to California it HAS to be See's Candy! And I have to admit, I really don't know if I consider white chocolate truly in the "chocolate" family. To me it is more of a yummy vanilla candy.


My Dye-O-Rama buddy sent me some Green & Black. I'm so excited! I've never eaten organic chocolate before- usually the best chocolate I eat is Dove. She sent me Maya Gold and Milk-- All the way from London! I haven't tried them yet, but I'll let you know what I think.


I really like Harbor Sweets chocolate from Salem MA. They have a dark chocolate "Sweet Shell" with bitter orange crunch in it that is really good.



They were a small chocolate maker in Berkeley, CA. Created by winemakers to do to cocoa beans what has been done to grapes. My best friend used to work near the factory. The tour was devine. They were recently bought by Hershey, and we're all afeared of what that might mean. So far so good. The favors at her wedding were little squares of a couple of flavors. Making the favors went like this: Amy wraps 2 squares in tulle and ties with ribbon. Amy eats one square. Repeat.

You can usually find the bars at Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

I love their Bittersweet dark. But the Mocha is just to die for. Little bits of espresso beans in every bite.

Erin B

My chocolate eyes were openned after a tasting!


We had a blast and I look at chocolate so differently!

I love the scharffen berger with the nips!


I lurve dark chocolate, and my favorite is the Dagoba Conacado bar!


For those of you interested in the fair trade principles of all this - there's an article here to consider (since Cadbury took over Green & Black's) http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,11913,1497815,00.html


The Vosges Barcelona bar is fabulous.


Guylian Belgian chocolate (gianduia-flavored) is absolutely delicious. I love the seahorses & shells, and the manufacturer supports "Save the Seahorses" which helps protect yet another endangered species.

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