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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Julie, those socks look great. Congrats on finishing them.


Cute socks! Doesn't finishing something give you the urge to finish something else? I love that feeling.


Very cute! I'm not normally a fan of the self patterning yarn, but you may have changed my mind with that one!


I love them - they are so pretty!


Those are the most beautiful socks I've ever seen. :)


I'm not generally a Regia fan, but those are lovely! Good luck with those unfinished projects :)


Love those socks! The colors are really pretty.


i'm so impressed that you finished them no matter how long it took. they look great! maybe i'll finish my 4-yr. fair isle sweater one of these days (years). hehe

Lizzy B

Beautiful socks! They look great on too!

Ah, don't worry about the socks taking so long. This year I finished the second sock of a pair that had been languishing since 2001! The guilt drove me to finish it though and now I love the socks!


They are beautiful, beautiful socks, Julie! Well worth the wait, I'm sure!


the socks look great! i'm excited to see what sort of tracking system you have come up with. i've been wanting to do this myself for about a year - but have to rely on hubby to do the changes and adding and such to my site... man, i need a good book to learn it all - suggestions?


I really like the socks - of course, I'm a sucker for that color.

You always amuse me with how much you seem to think like me - I've been feeling the need to organize my crafting life, after a whirlwind spring and taking on yet more projects. Reading this was like reading something I wrote myself! :D


Hey, they look great! :)

The Purloined Letter

Very cute! What a great colorway!

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