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Sunday, June 11, 2006



Hi! We met at WWKIP day, but I was too shy to be all "Wait, are you Julie from Booga J?" So, hi again. :)


Glad you got to the KIP Day! We had one here but I was afraid to go, as usual, because I'm older & usually crochet instead of knit. BTW, I loved your crochet podcast!


I WWKIP'd in Los Altos with other knitters, then pulled out my baby sock at a video blogging conference. Some nice person asked me if I was knitting a baby bootie with wide eyes :)

And I might have seen some internet celebs but they didn't ask about my knitting.

Rosemary C

I loved the "bean". Wow! Much more exciting than the coiled snake sculpted by Anjelic Huston's husband, which many San Jose residents refer to as the "giant poop"!!!

Did not get out to knit in public. We celebrated our 4oth wedding anniversery and renewed our vows at church before kids, son-in-law's and grandkids. Very emotional. Didn't think it would be appropriate to whip out my Trekking socks. I was tempted.


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