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Monday, June 05, 2006



The sock is really cute. It is inspiring me to pull out my own Trekking sock yarn and make some socks!


YOu know, I can so relate to the High School Years...I never understood why there are some people that want to re-live those days. I wouldn't wish them over again for anything, other than the growth lessons they taught me! Desperate days for a desperate girl who seemed on the outside to have it all together. THe socks are really pretty, Julie...nice yarn.


Um, yeah! I didn't hate my Senior year, but I didn't love it either. (If I had to repeat any of my school experiences, it would be college, thank you.) But yes, you just keep moving right along from this one!!


Heh, no kidding - who wants to remember high school?! Life should just be getting better from there.

Dang, there's another color of Trekking I love...


Wow, love that color. Sigh. Those were some tough highscool years.


Holy cow! Regular uneventful high school is traumatic enough. This makes me realize I had really nothing to complain about.


It amazes me how different this yarn can look at times. I'll have to post my finished TXXL 107 socks. They are pastel and muted and not so pastel or muted - all at once!

I'm with you on walking right past that high school meme. Ugh. And really, at least so far, the 30s are the BEST.

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