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Thursday, July 20, 2006



That does look yummy!


I can vouch for its deliciousness. By the way, my mom would be quite pleased to see the platter from her favorite china being being shown off to the whole world! (If she wasn't computer-phobic, that is.)


Sounds tasty. Although I'm a big fan of the quick and dirty version too. In FACS in middle school we made some in the microwave and I. WAS. HOOKED.


You know, it's really not fair of you to make me drool into my keyboard like this...


What a fun recipe to make with the kids. I'll have to give that a try. :)


Horray! Those pre-made doughs are so expensive too!

Tania A

Wow. I never thought of making monkey bread using read bread dough. Sounds yummy!!


Oh, I can just imagine the smell of freshly baked bread infused with butter and cinnamon sugar. Darn you, that's just cruel! ;-)

Lizzy B

Sounds wonderful. Did it do the monkey bread thing after it was baked or did it fuse together?


Ohhh htat looks sooo yummy!!! I bet it taste great! Love those WS!!


I've got a recipe in one of the cookbooks for my bread machine that I use. It's got both the sweet cinna-sugar version as well as a savory version.


I have ONLY heard of making monkey bread with real bread dough, but it's usually the frozen white bread dough from the supermarket. I actually do have a homemade version, however.

Kids love monkey bread. And yet my daughter is 7 and I'm not sure I've ever made it with her, just her older brothers.

Bad mommy.


Ooh that looks good! I've even made that monkey bread before--don't remember where I got the recipe, but I know it's divine.

If you like that bread, I can send you a great recipe for yeasted waffles. Do die for good.


Yowsa that sounds good!!

The Purloined Letter

Looks delicious!

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