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Thursday, August 17, 2006



I know! I know! Tomorrow is your blog-i-versary!

That's am impressive list of WIPs, some of which I would break into your house to steal.

Just kidding . . . sort of . . .

Tania A

Wow. I don't feel quite so bad now, since I only have .. umm .. oh wait, counting the cross-stitch, and .. eek.

Happy early blogiversary?


Ahhhhh feel better?


Happy blog aversary!


Such pretty knit-WIPs! I'm just amazed at all the different crafts you have a hand in!


Don't feel bad I'm not a great knit alonger lately either but it dosn't stop me from joining them.lol!


So many fabulous projects - looking forward to seeing what happens with them! Good luck!


Happy Blogversary and I have a stash of Wips lying around as well although I have been getting through some! WOW! Nowhere near the variety you do though!

Rosemary Capitolo

Happy anniversary! Just know that you have given a year of pleasure and great ideas to a lot of people. Whew! I'm just so tired looking at all those lovely projects. Do you ever sleep? Your energy just astounds me.



My, you HAVE been busy!!


It's interesting that around this time of year, alot of us are sifting through our UFOs and evaluating them.

The Ingeborg is especially lovely.

Lizzy B

All of your WIP's are gorgeous!

That keepsake shawl is fabulous looking. It reminds me of a living, breathing, rainbow. Ingeborg is so classic and lovely. Since it is classic, you can finish it anytime and it will still be as perfect for the season as when you started it.

I want to see what that cross stich and embroidery project are based on. (the pattern photos I mean) They are certainly yummy. Is the cross stitch black work?


posting your wips definitely gets us all excited :D ----- oooo especially that crewel!!!


happy blogiversary! now off to listen to the booga podcast!


Everything you do is amazing! I feel your pain. You are supper talented and can do anything....so, you do it all!

I too have the same syndrome, I like to call it ""Talentits" (makes me feel a little better..takes the edge off!)..I am an artist, knitter, Jeweler...I have jewelry, paintings, knits, etc. all over the place..many sitting in the parlor waiting for my appearance!

Thanks for sharing your work!
g8yarn(ravelry) & rgems(etsy)

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