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Monday, September 04, 2006



Pretty yarn!


Thanks so much for letting us know how you did this - I've been wanting to try 3-ply. The yarn looks gorgeous on the bobbin - I can't wait to see it all skeined up!

I'm so glad you got to visit with your friend and say goodbye.


3ply is my favorite.. Love your lazy kate! ;o)


Ooh, that looks so pretty! The singles I'm spinning right now are going to be 3-plied . . . though apparently not any time soon, since I'm spinning them as fine as I can manage, and it's taking a while . . . worth the wait, though!


Lovely yarn! Don't you just love Blue Moon Fibers? At Rhinebeck I run right for them.


Beautiful 3ply yarn!


Thank you for the tutorial. Great way to arrange 3 bobbins. My wheel has been calling to me. I need to get back to some of those projects!

Rosemary Capitolo

What a blessing for you and your friend that you were able to be with one another during this time. May all your happy memories bring you peace. Doing some of the crafts she loved will keep her in your heart. When my mom died I was going to donate toward a piece in the new Nativity set at our church. But....on the Mother's Day after she died my two daughters and I stood in Tiffanys and I said: "Forget the shepherds and the angels, your Nana loved jewelry." So, I bought a simple silver knotted ring with tiny diamonds. I look at it every day as I knit, and think of my mother.

Rosemary C


Ooooooooooh, look at the yummy yarn! So, so pretty! What weight yarn is this turning out to be?

I've not done a straight 3-ply yarn like this yet, it's been rather intimidating to me. I love doing a Navajo-ply on my wheel, though - it's a fun rhythm for me.

I'm glad you were able to visit with your friend before she passed on. It's comforting to be able to say your goodbyes, isn't it?


Love that 3-ply! Great colors, too.


Lovely yarn! I still haven't gotten down doing a Navajo ply that results in a useable yarn, I may have to break out my scrap handspun and see how I fair doing a three-ply.



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