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Wednesday, October 25, 2006



She's never had her hair cut before! Wow!

And you both look great!


Great hair style! Glad you found someone you can trust! Makes a world of difference


It looks great! I really need to get my hair trimmed, too (sigh).


ok, are you sure that's even you? you don't even look like the same person, actually, you look younger in the new coif. Congrats!


What a fun girls' outing! I am in desperate need of a haircut myself.


Great haircut! I would prefer a photo of you tossing your hair and laughing to a tall, handsome stranger, such as in a Lands End catalog. But I get the idea.


Nice haircuts!! Both you look great =)

Lizzy B

The new haircut is gorgeous! Wow, Maddie's hair is really lovely.


Your hair looks great! I can totally relate to the "fear of the salon" mentality. Also, I can clearly remember my son's sixth birthday. We had a ceramics party. Ahhhhh..he turns 21 in March and a junior in college! It truly does fly by so enjoy...I still do!


That is a great cut! Finding a good cutter is a chore - and so scary!

Rosemary Capitolo

You both look great!! Did they do a "color job" on you as well?? Love it. I was once told that you needed to have an old doctor and a young hairstylist. Not sure about the old doctor part, but I love my "hip" hairstylist who keeps me looking good and up to date. You must read Nora Ephron's new book: I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK AND OTHER THOUGHTS ON BEING A WOMAN. It is hilarious and sometimes so true.



Looks great! :)


Your haircut looks great! It's amazing what a bit of shaping can do the ease of styling. Looks like you found a good person to do ya.


I love the hair!! You too look so good now :) Stylin girls!


Well. I'm not sure what it says about me, but I thought the FIRST photo was the AFTER photo -- it looks THAT good to me. I love the end result, but seriously, you looked great to begin with.


Haha! I thought the same thing that Norma thought! They both look fabulous. Beautiful, darling!


You crack me up! Your pictures look like "good" and "good" to me. I like you new cut, but your hair still looked healthy, full, and was a nice, rich color in the first picture.

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