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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



What a great birthday. Now you and Maddie can do the pilgrimages to AG in the city.

And your mom's a hottie!

And you were RIGHT by my house at the DCCM!


Looks like Maddie had a great time! What a beautiful family!


Looks like it was a wonderful birthday! Those dolls are wonderful. When my niece got one for her birthday this year, she told us she had wanted her "her whole life". All five years of it I guess! Now she brings it with her when she visits her Grandmother, who got one for Christmas and the two of them have a blast. I guess your never too old for a doll!


Happy Bleated to BOTH of you! And hey....wanna sell me some of your patterns for my shop?? :)


Happy Bleated to BOTH of you! And hey....wanna sell me some of your patterns for my shop?? :)


Happy Birthday Maddie!
My oldest turned six on the 22nd...and she got almost the same American Girl doll! (no bangs...but brown eyes). I'll post a pic on my blog tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Maddie! Sounds like a wonderful party, I'm thinking the same sounds good for my wedding, don't you ;) I got an American Girl when I was little, but that was before they came out with the modern ones. So fun!


Aw, happy birthday, Maddie! That's such a nice age.

Oh, and the American Girl doll? My mom got one when my niece was small, so they could play together. And a couple of years ago? She gave me one for my birthday. (With shoulder-length, curly brown hair and a t-shirt that says I-heart-dogs on it, nonetheless.) My point? You're never too old for one (grin).


Happy birthday Maddie! I'm glad it all went so well, and your sisters and mum look so young. Anyway you can sit back and relax a bit, parties are always tiring in the preparation.


Holy Moly woman! You may not be Martha Stewart (thank goodness) but your awfully close to Wonder Woman. Happy Birthday Maddie! I LOVE your mom's boots.


Happy Birthday to Maddie!
I love the DuPage Children's Museum. I have often thought it would be a great place for a knit meet up. Put the kids at the water table and take over the benches within eyeshot! Hours could pass and the kids wouldn't care.


Awww...Happy Birthday Maddie! Looks like you did a great job of making Maddie's bday super special.

I don't know how you guys with kids do it. I'm in such awe.


I'm having a 7th birthday party for my son - and it's SpongeBob. Where did you get your cake last year? I live in Hoffman Estates...I'm hoping you say Jewel or Dominicks???

Thanks, hope you guys are doing well....


I dont mean to be a TOTAL dork but I see on her spongebob cake that she has the cake ornaments I need for my sons party. Can you tell me where you bought those from b/c I cant find them any where? Thanks again.

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