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Tuesday, October 03, 2006



Bravo!!! It looks great. See, you could do it!


Congratulations! The vest is great! I'm sure it will make the child who gets it very warm and happy.


Its really lovely. Rally really lovely. Well done.


it's beautiful, Julie! Very well done.


The vest is adorable! Bottons and button bands always give me a headache :)


it is absolutely precious! bring on the sleeves... you're ready :D


What an accomplishment! Congrats Julie, you really should be proud. It is very chic too.


You put us to shame, all your blogging, podcasting, pattern-making, ring-checkin', child-rearin', husband-lovin' and now knitting for charity? And not just any knitting - it's beautiful. Great job!


It looks lovely! Maybe you should make a second one for Miss Madeline!


simply beautiful! I want to do one also...but my worsted stash is not nearly as huge as yours!!


Be proud, sweetie. You did a wonderful job. Some child will be thrilled to wear that colorful and lovingly made vest.

Ann Rubin

Julie, the vest looks terrific! Great colors that are certainly going to cheer an Afghan child. Thanks, too, for having Maddie model. We keep saying that we only want to send the kinds of blankets and garments that we would be happy to see our own kids wearing. Thank you for being involved and for helping to get the word around.

-- Ann at afghansforAfghans.org (this is my first-ever blog comment ... believe it or not ... hope I've got the netiquette right ...)


Great vest- love the colors. A young person will be thrilled to receive this.


That didn't take you to long! It looks great!

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