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Monday, November 06, 2006



it's amazing how our preconceived notions can be changed by one so small:) hang in there and get well and give yourself time. sometimes it just runs away from us doesn't it?


Time is the hardest thing in my life...
It's so nice to hear of someone enjoying their Easy Bake Oven. I loved mine as a kid but then the food was nasty. You never know what could spark a future career.


What a whirlwind! Sounds like a return to simplicity is just the thing. What a sweet story :)


Happy belated birthday to your dd! I know all about the birthday right around halloween - my dd turned 7 on 10/28 - and we had the party this past weekend!
I'm glad that you and her found such happiness with the easy bake oven! It is the simple things ... sometimes that's all the kids want - and I know I always try to do these complicated big things with them, when really, they just want my time and attention!


Glad to see you back! Isn't it amazing how, after stretching oneself in a gazillion directions, thoughts of simplifying life seem to surface. I can so relate and find the effort to "let go of the nonsense" so worthwhile. Take good care and belated best wishes to your darling daughter.


Glad to have you back! I love having my little monkey help me in the kitchen, it really is such a confidence booster.


Oh YAY, welcome back. Love the Easy Bake adventure.

Rosemary Capitolo

Did you ever see the Tim Allen movie: The Santa Clause 2? He gave all these adults the toy they had wished for as children and never got. The Easy Bake oven was right up there. I know my daughters loved it and now my grand daughters. On the Food Network they even had these top chefs making "creations" in an easy bake oven.

Life is really about the little moments, which often are the BIG moments. Our daughters who are now 39 and 37 remember going up to the Santa Cruz mountains every fall to pick leaves.(what we thought was a little outing) Enjoy every minute with your precious daughter;the time really does go by fast. Stock up on all those little moments.

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