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Saturday, December 16, 2006



I'm so glad you're on patrol for these things. I would never know that Dale had changed if it wasn't for your vigilance.
Good job!

Dipsy D.

Thanks so much for telling us about that website change - I'll have to head on over there right away!


I knit one sweater to completion once...the dog ate it. Literally, the first time my daughter wore the sweater she got ice cream on it. I told her to put it in front of the washing machine and I would wash it after I got her into bed. Well, while I was doing that, her puppy decided to help clean the ice cream off by eating half the sleeve. I cried, I screamed, I whacked the dogs butt, he wouldn't look at me for a week, he could just see the smoke coming out of my ears, needless to say, I am leary of sweaters myself.


Hallo! I am from Norway and I knit a lot. I am very impressed that you like and knit our Norwegian traditional sweaters. I have been knitting many of those through the years, one of them is on my website.
Nice blog!!


I'm not a sweater knitter either, but Dale of Norway has sort of got a grasp on me as well. I'm knitting my second kids sweater from a pattern book I bought to knit a more traditional Fair Isle sweater. I think it's because there's something amazing about knowing that you are the one that created that piece material. At least for me. I still look at the pictures of the last sweater and admire it, then remember that I made it and that I should be a bit more modest ;)

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