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Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Congrats, Julie. Nice article!


Very interesting article. It's fascinating to consider the idea of community as it relates to the virtual environment of the internet, as compared to that in the "real" world. And to think that a tactile medium such as knitting as translated so successfully to a two-dimensional space is just amazing.


Cool! Congratulations!


Very cool! Congrats! :)


Ditto :D


Nifty! Going off to read it now....

David Cohn

I'm glad you liked the article. The knitting blog network you guys have created is very interesting to us. The Internet can be a powerful tool at bringing people together that have similar interests -- proof in the pudding.

And the hope is that using it as a tool can only improve the specific practicies. Good luck!


Very cool, of course, we already knew your super star status.


Hahaha! I'm glad you linked to it and I followed the link - he is using one of my baby slipper photos for the site! (It has a creative commons license, so it is ok.)

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