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Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Thanks!!! My kids really liked it.


This is sooooo cute. I've got the get the number to my sister for her kids!!!!


oh my gosh! my boys heard this and they we're sooo excited! thanks sooo much!


It doesn't work, I tried yesterday and today and it says it has been disconnected! Bummer!


That number has not worked for 2 days now. it was nice when my grand daughter could call it every day, but not it is just a fast busy signal which usually means not in service


My children called Santa 1 week ago we listened to message for 3 days and now we are getting a fast busy and they are really dissapointed. Does anyone know the reason for this? I did see on the news that a man in San Fransisco was getting several calls for Santa and his phone # was one digit off from the 1-800-972-6242. Could this be the reason??????


Does not work at all


i live in wisconsin and tried that phone number and it says that it cannot be reached from my calling area. kinda of a disapointment because it would have made my son happy to hear from santa like that!


phone # does not work for me either, shouldnt 800 #'s work where ever?


This crap sucks we need a new # so i can tell santa that i need a raise


it will not work i tried like 10 times


My email said it starts on Dec. 13th but it did not work today, Dec. 14th.

Debbie Arundale

The number doesn't work!! Does anyone know the new number?


This is a free number that i found for Santa this year. Hope it helps everyone. 910-396-1471


thanks so much i looked everywhere for the number

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