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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



So glad you and Maddie are okay!


How awful !
Hope the physical aches and any distress soon pass. A relief that you are both o.k.


Oh, I empathize! I had almost the identical accident when Molly was little (and sitting in the back seat.) Very unnerving. I hope you both recover quickly.
Some chocolate might help. ;-)


I'm so glad you weren't hurt, and Maddie too! I hope the other person is okay, too.

Do go to the chiropractor if you can, though - better to make sure your parts are all in their right spots before too long. You'll want to replace Maddie's booster, too. Your insurance co. should happily cut you a check for that right away.


Definately see a doctor of some sort if you have insurance. Sometimes your more hurt than you know and the real pain starts a week later and by then its harder to make a case for getting the care paid for. I finally got my medical bills paid for from the accident I was in a year and a half ago. I thought I was fine.....

Mama Urchin

I'm glad you and Maddie are okay. I've been in an accident with my kids before too and it's scary even when it's just a fender-bender. Definitely replace Maddie's carseat. I have a friend who's a police officer in charge of safety seat training and she says that replacing a child seat after a crash is a must.


Oh no! I'm glad you are mostly okay. I hope the pain is completely gone by tomorrow. Hugs to you and Maddie

Rosemary C

Glad you are both okay. That is the most important thing. Do all of what everyone else has told you to do. Also, be aware that sometimes there is a residual "mental thing". We were involved in a fender bender with many cars in the Santa Cruz mountains. Every time we took that road, I got very antsy and upset. Knit and sew and all will be well


Ouch!! Sorry that happened, but I'm so glad you're (mostly) okay!


Glad you and Maddie are OK! Hopefully you two won't be too sore tomorrow.


Oh my!! I am so glad you weren't hurt. You'll probably feel sore tomorrow. That's what happened to me when I had my accident back in 1986.


I'm glad you were not hurt! And isn't it amazing when your car isn't damanged but the other one is?


Thankful you're *both* okay. Take care, consume lots of chocolate, and breathe deeply.


So glad you are ok! I just want to second some advice:
Go to the Dr.'s
Get a new booster seat.
Again, thankful your ok. Rest now.


Good thing no one was seriously hurt.

You may have to get new seatbelts, though.

I was a nervous wreck driving after my fender bender. It's funny how your outlook changes.

Take care.


I'm glad everthing is okay!


How horrible. I am glad you are both okay. That Maddie--she's a trooper!


Take care of yourself today - snooze and watch daytime TV if it will help!

Lizzy B

I hope you both mend quickly and I'm glad you're both in one peace and safe at home!


i'm so sorry that happened. it's good that you were paying attention. i'm glad you all are okay.

get lots of rest.


Glad both of you are okay.


Oh my goodness J! I'm so glad you are both okay. So scary!


Thank goodness you are such a good driver; what a fright you both had. Hope you and Maddie are feeling better.


Yikes! I'm glad you're both ok!


Yay for you for being an attentive driver! Take care.


So sorry to hear about that accident, and glad you're ok. Hopefully a parcel will be arriving soon to cheer you both up!

Cambria W

I'm really glad to hear that you're all okay. I had a minor fender bender a while back and thank goodness no one was in the car with me. It was really minor but it make the scoliosis I didn't even know I had flair and I was out of work for 4 weeks. The chiropractor was my best friend.

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