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Monday, January 08, 2007



I have a bar of locally made chocolate that I think you'd like. The brand is 3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory. The specific bar is called Bread and Chocolate. It's a dark (65%) chocolate with French Bread in it, almost like little rice krispy crunches, but better. If you are interested I'd be glad to send you a bar. They also make a Coconut Curry bar and a Chai Tea bar, but I didn't like either of those.


I think you're a blogoholic....

Hey, have you heard of "Jersey Girl" chocolate? I saw some in a coffee shop the other day and thought of you...


I love fueling the xs obsession - send me your snailmail addy and i'll surprise you. ;)

Kathy in San Jose

Okay, Emily beat me to it, but my DH just came back from Seattle and brought back a bar each of the 3400 Phinney chocolate. I loved the Bread & Chocolate bar, the Coconut curry was amazing (but watch out for the spicy kick afterwards). Didn't have a chance at the chai yet. And it's all your fault that the minute I saw a Green & Black bar in the store, I grabbed it, thinking "Julie liked it; gotta try it!"


Obsession is a good thing, it gives you purpose and focus. I can't wait to read some more Chocolate reviews, I have stumbled across a small treasure trove of new decadent chocolates to try at my local Natural Food Store.
I can completely relate as to the time and hours spent on Cross Stitch. I used to, but unfortunately am not that patient. My Aunt did an entire quilt for my Barbie's in cross stitched quilt squares. It made my eyes fuzzy just looking at it!


Oh, the cross stitch is beautiful! I used to be as obsessed with x-s as I am with knitting now. The tinier the stitches the better! And always on linen, preferably over one! ;-)


I'm an obsessed cross stitcher, too :) Your Paradigm Lost is looking great! Keep up the good work!

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